Speed on Over with Friends & Family
Come See Us in April!
Speeds up to 50mph!
GO Karting!

ALL NEW — The Wait is Over. . .

New Karts

New Karts

We (and you) have been waiting patiently for UMC’s new fleet of karts to arrive, since the old ones were, well, old. The wait is over! Our new fleet of 26 Righetti karts (24 single-seaters, two double-seaters) is now onsite and ready to race. They’re available for individual and group rentals, and just waiting for you to come wear out some tires!


 Fast fun for the family
 Top speed 40-50 mph
 More responsive than old karts
 Perfect for corporate/group outings


Racing Simulators

New Racing Simulators

We've installed four state-of-the-art racing simulators at the UMC Kart Track. These are Sim Experience machines running full-motion iRacing software, with three 50-inch screens per unit, and they are amazing! These are the most advanced public-access racing simulators in North America. Come see how you stack up!


 Individual or group rentals
 Great for driver coaching!
 Individuals: $10/15 min; $50/hr. Group: 4 seats/10min/$40; 4 seats/1hr/$200; 4 seats/2hr/$375. $5 with purchase of Karting and/or ATV
 Info/Reservations: 435-277-8575

Note: Last Day of 2017 & Vouchers

Our last day of operation for daily kart rentals for the 2017 season will be Sunday, October 29. There are some vouchers that have been circulated that state they are redeemable until October 31, but we are ending operations on the year on the 29th. If you have questions, please contact the UMC Kart Center at 435-277-8575. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Burn Rubber on Utah's ONLY Outdoor Kart Track!

Burn Rubber Trade Paint
GO Karting
Burn Rubber Trade Paint
Roll in to trade a little paint and burn some rubber with friends & family.
Group Karting Events
Group Karting Events
UMC offers corporate and group karting events—birthdays, team-building, parties, more—for any size group or budget. See more info below on this web page.
Daily Schedule
The Kart Track is generally open: Mon-Fri 3pm-7:30pm, Sat 10am-7:30pm, Sun 12pm-7:30pm. Click to see the specific daily calendar.
Kart Racing
Public Racing
Kart Racing
Public kart racing such as Ironman & Wide Open Wednesday events are available. More info coming soon.
Speeds up to 50 mph
Speeds up to 50 mph
Speed on over with your friends and family and trade paint on the Kart Track.

Questions? Call 435-277-8575

Pricing, Karting Requirements and Minor Waiver Info is at page bottom

Private Group & Corporate Karting Events

Group Events

Let us design your experience: 435-580-5100

Any size or budget
Utah Motorsports Campus offers a wide variety of corporate/group karting events for any size group or budget. Whether you’re looking to entertain eight or 150 people for time periods ranging from one hour to over four hours, our events staff can custom-design an outing for your group.
Karting is an excellent activity for corporate team building, training, and employee relations, and big fun for group parties, reunions, birthdays and more.


UMC is home to Utah's only outdoor kart track and one of the nation’s finest. Get ready for fast fun because our karts will go approximately 50 mph. Like we always say, “You never REALLY know your friends until you trade paint with them on the kart track!”

 Questions? Call the Kart Center at 435-277-8575

Pricing - Requirements - Minor Waiver


Kart track pricing is sold by the session. A session is about 10 minutes (exact time not guaranteed)
  • $20 - One Session
  • $35 - Two Sessions
  • $50 - Three Sessions
  • $80 - Five Sessions
This option may be split between a group.


We are working on monthly promotions.
More info coming soon.



  • Must have closed toe shoes! No open toe shoes, or sandals allowed.
  • Minimum Height Requirement is 52″
  • Minimum Age is 8 years old

General Hours

  • Monday-Friday 3:00pm-9:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm
  • Sunday 12:00pm-9:00pm

See the DAILY CALENDAR calendar for exact daily hours. Hours are subject to change.

Daily Calendar

Minor Waiver - Important

The Minor Waiver is required for any person under age 18 that participates in any on track activity at UMC; you must follow the steps below exactly for this form to be accepted once you arrive at the park. If you are arriving at the park with your parent or guardian this form is not required.
  1. The Minor Waiver MUST be printed in COLOR
  2. DO NOT FOLD (we cannot accept folded forms)
  3. Minor Waiver Form needs to be notarized.
Download Waiver



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