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September 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, many major motorsports events, such as the Formula One: Grand Prix, Indy 500, and NASCAR, have been canceled or indefinitely postponed. However, with many nations showing signs of success in curbing the pandemic, motorsports fans are beginning to stir. Utah Motorsports Campus are making COVID Safe Motorsport Events possible again! In this article, we will share five helpful tips that should help some organizers bring back COVID Safe Events. 1. Establish

Race track driving days are avenues for drivers to explore the limits of their cars in a legal and safe space. If you’ve ever wondered what your souped-up car is capable of when it’s not being bogged down by traffic, or want to enhance your driving skills, then a day at the tracks is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. That being said, driving a motorsports race track is a different beast from daily

Outdoor go-kart racing is a recreational sport that gives you an adrenaline rush and brings out your competitive spirit. Compared to other motorsports, it is safer than motorcycle racing, more competitive than track racing, and less expensive than car racing. It is an excellent activity ideal for aspiring drivers who want to make a name for themselves in the world of motorsports. Standing on the top step of the podium after a fun yet intense race

Engaging in motorsports is an exhilarating activity. If you crave for speed, you’re likely dreaming of becoming a top racer in the scene one day. However, motorsports that involve motorcycles or cars are risky, and the danger of being involved in an accident is high. It’s a serious matter that many motorsports enthusiasts need to be aware of. If you’re new to the scene or hesitant because of such risks, then you might want to

Many people see outdoor go-kart racing as a fun activity and an enjoyable way to spend leisure time. A lot of people are now starting to hop on the trend for that reason. Undeniably, this activity is extremely satisfying with friends and family. What people don’t realize is that outdoor Go-Karting provides more benefits than just entertainment. In this article, we listed the top seven benefits you’ll gain from outdoor Go-Kart racing: 1. It sharpens concentration Driving a

Car racing is considered a professional sport, and the skills and hazards associated with it prove that.  Racing, in general, requires a lot of thought and practice. While some people are adept at driving, it does not automatically mean you can race cars. Learning drifting should always be done at professional racing schools. They will not only provide the best knowledge, but they will also have access to a proper race track. Knowing how to

Your first time on the race track can lead you to experience the same jitters that you might experience on the first day at school. Awkward feelings of being an amateur at the race track may overwhelm your mind, but remember that it’s not a competition on your first try. Unfamiliarity is almost always the cause of nervousness, and it’s never an optimal way to be fidgety while behind the wheel. It’s all about being informed

One of the most fun activities for children is go-kart racing. So long as there are proper go-kart safety protocols. Your children are generally safe behind the wheel, especially since go-kart safety was designed with children in mind. That being said, there are go-kart safety practices and considerations every parent should be aware of when they allow their children to drive these recreational vehicles. This article will cover some of them, so you can rest assured

Company retreats are meant to be exciting and largely participatory, and this is why you should have outdoor go karting for your next one. This is much better than other more traditional and boring retreats, like simple team-building exercises and booking a hotel. With go karting, you put your company on the right track to planning a successful and action-packed event. This guide will help you plan for your next company retreat outdoors with different go

Go-karting is something many mistakingly believe is much like what one experiences in a racing simulation game or regular driving. While the basics of these two are similar to that when driving a go-kart, the familiarities in basic principles are where the similarities end. Anyone that has tried go-karting can easily attest to its more complicated use—the speed and maneuverability alone are on a different level entirely. The advanced application and experience of actually driving on


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