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June 2021

Taste of Utah Festival July 10, 2021 This is not your average beer festival! Utah Motorsports Campus is sponsoring local craft beer along with some of the fastest supercars and superbikes! This is a free event with the best beer and food Utah has to offer. While you are enjoying "Taste of Utah" pull up and chair and watch some of the fastest racing on the 2nd largest outdoor track in the nation! Live music, flowing beer,

Best Father Days Gifts for Utah Dads   Go-Karts At One of the Nation's Finest Tracks Utah Motorsports Campus is home to one of the finest go-kart tracks in the nation! Located just 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City, UMC is one of Utah's best-kept secrets. With go-karts that can go upwards of 60+ mph, this is the perfect Fathers' Day gift to give him a break from the stress of life. With so much packed in

The Nerf brand has been bringing fun to kids since 1989. It all started with the debut of the Blast A Ball, a small pinkish cannon that launched golf ball-sized foam projectiles. Since then, there has been a long line of different Nerf toys that have been released on the market. The popularity of Nerf toys has led to the rise in popularity of Nerf-related events, such as Nerf parties. And while these parties host many


Utah Motorsports Campus is Utah’s Largest Outdoor Event Venue and an automotive, motorcycle, and go-kart racing facility located 30 miles west of Salt Lake City in the Tooele Valley.


512 Sheep Lane, Grantsville, UT 84074
+ (435) 277-8000