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September 2021

There's no denying that fall is one of the most anticipated seasons in Utah. Besides the picturesque views of fire orange trees, pumpkin carvings, and the sweet smell of apple pies in the area, there are also fun activities that should be part of everyone's fall list.  Fortunately, now that the COVID restrictions are easing, more public spaces are opening up. But of course, it's only wise that you head over to COVID-safe event spaces to

If you're a motorsports lover, then it only makes sense that you spend your weekend in Utah Motorsports Campus' event, the inaugural SpeedTour.  At SpeedTour, the most prominent automobile companies, like Volvo and Lotus, will take center stage alongside the Miata Heritage Cup Series race. At this grand event, you'll get to be amid famous drivers, legendary race cars, and more.  Fortunately, the SpeedTour will be held at the Utah Motorsports Campus, a COVID-safe event space, making

TOOELE VALLEY, UTAH (September 14, 2021) — Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) is excited to announce the creation of a new mega-event over four weekends in October, Beer & Fear Fest!   “We are combining two of Utah’s favorite autumnal celebrations – Oktoberfest and Halloween – into a massive, four-weekend party that we hope will become an annual tradition,” said Dixon Hunt, UMC General Manager.   “We have such a unique and large venue here, and we are constantly looking

We've finally entered the Ber months, and that means we're a month closer to one of the most celebrated events of the year — Oktoberfest. But besides the booze and beer that will surely overflow in any event, our Beer and Fear Fest (BFF) has won the crown for its unique concept.  The Beer & Fear Fest is the perfect marriage of a beer event and a Halloween-themed festival. Think of it as the traditional Oktoberfest

We're finally zooming into the 2021 debut of Nitro Rallycross, and of course, the first of the five-race series will begin at the Utah Motorsports Campus, which is a COVID-safe event space.  Since people have waited for this event, you'd be even thrilled to know that one of the most renowned motorsports icons, Ken Block, has expressed his excitement, saying this would be the best and wildest rallycross track to date.  Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus first

There’s nothing like adding alcohol into the mix to amp up the fun! You know what they say, no celebration can be thoroughly enjoyed without a hint of booze. Drinking is one of the best ways to bring people together—it symbolizes happiness, comfort, and celebration. If you’re holding an event without serving alcohol, then you’re doing it wrong! It’s no coincidence that some of our fondest memories involve at least a glass or bottle of alcohol

Being with family should be something safe, comfortable, and utterly memorable. One of the best ways of sparking that is by bringing out a couple of games that everyone can enjoy, as it’ll truly make a mark in one’s memories. There are also great photo opportunities to capture the whole experience. If there are a number of kids in the family, be sure to be mindful of them when choosing the games. It’s key to find

Kart racing has different forms, depending on the kind of kart you're riding. This makes it a safe and balanced environment for drivers looking for a similar experience. After all, you wouldn't want your 12-year-old on the same drift track as veteran drivers. While go-karting is typically a fun and enjoyable experience, that doesn't mean it's a free-for-all activity. It's surprisingly strict when it comes to grouping similar drivers together as a safety precaution. Go-karting types


Utah Motorsports Campus is Utah’s Largest Outdoor Event Venue and an automotive, motorcycle, and go-kart racing facility located 30 miles west of Salt Lake City in the Tooele Valley.


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