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December 2021

The holiday season is a time for fun and celebration. The annual employee New Year holiday party is an event that sets the tone for the season. If you’ve been tasked with planning this party for your company, careful planning can help you get the most out of your holiday party while also controlling costs. At this time of year, retail businesses often close for a day or more to use the time to prepare

As corporate holiday parties start, you can’t get left behind and ensure you get yours done, planned, and announced before people get too busy for it.  While there are no hard rules to party planning, there are mistakes that you should certainly avoid if you don’t want a disaster. In this post, your trusted luxury holiday event space in Utah shares some of those common mistakes: Mistake #1: Not Setting a Budget One of the mistakes you shouldn’t make

Themed parties are always a hit among corporate employees. People crave face-to-face parties more than ever as the world returns to normal. Therefore, party planning becomes more needed and appreciated when physical connections have become less than usual. However, deciding on a theme should still align with the company’s values, brand, and beliefs. Therefore, how do companies plan the best corporate events while considering every factor possible? Here are the top corporate event themes for upcoming


Utah Motorsports Campus is Utah’s Largest Outdoor Event Venue and an automotive, motorcycle, and go-kart racing facility located 30 miles west of Salt Lake City in the Tooele Valley.


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