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Bring Your Own Kart

Have Your Own Kart?

We offer day experiences for racers who own their own kart. This experience gives you the ability to practice and test your kart at UMC throughout the year. These passes include day parking and track entry per day.

Open Track Days

Feb 1 to Mar 31 $49 pp/ per day
Apr 1 to May 31 $40 pp/ per day
June 1 to Sept 30 $50 pp/ per day
Oct 1 to Feb 28 Reservation Only
Outdoor Go Karting Track

What do I need to bring?

The first thing you need is a  kart of course! Outside of that, you need a full-face DOT or SNELL-approved helmet. If you don’t have one, we have helmets that you can rent! You will also need a racing jumpsuit.

How much is it?

It is $40-$50 for track access and parking. Helmet rentals are $25 a day.

Can I drive any kart?

We will inspect every kart to make sure that it is safe to drive.

Racing Classes

Race Class Engine Age Weight Kart Number
Kid Kart Corner C50/51 5-7 155 0-99
J41 4-Cycle/td> Briggs LO-206 (Red Slide) 8-12 245 200-299
Mini IAME Swift/ VORTEX Mini 8-12 245 100-199
JR2 4-Cycle Briggs LO-206 (Yellow Slide) 12-15 315 400-499
SR 4-Cycle Briggs LO-206 16+ 345 500-599
Masters 4-Cycle Briggs LO-206 32+ 190LB Body Weight 375 600-699
JR 100cc IAM E KA 100/VORTEX VLR 100/td> 12-15 310 800-900
SR 100cc IAME KA 100/VORTEX 16+ 360 900-999
Master 100cc/td> IIAME KA 100/VORTEX VLR 100 32+ 385 500-599
JR TAG IAME X30/VORTEX GPROTAX FR 125 12-15 320 200-299
SR TAG IAME X30/VORTEX GP/ROTAX FR 125 16+ 355 300-399
Shifter Honda CR 1125(stock)/VORTEX ROK SHIFTER 16+ 385 Honda 395 ROK 400-499
Shifter Masters Honda CR 125(stock)/Vortex ROK Shifter 32+, 190LB Body Weight 400 Honda 410 ROK 500-599

Used Equipment Sale

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