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Are you thinking of a unique theme for an upcoming birthday party for your child? Do you want something fun for the party without the usual food and games?  Then the ultimate race-themed party is the best and exciting solution for you!  You can buy items related to race tracks or race cars, and your child can help you choose the other things needed to complete the party. To help you plan for your child’s race-themed birthday

A well-organized corporate outing can be one of the best tools to increase productivity and forge stronger bonds between employees. Regardless of what type of business you are in, corporate outings provide an excellent opportunity to improve morale and boost employee engagement among your workforce.  When it comes to planning for your next corporate outing, there are several things that you have to take into account -from the venue to scheduling activities and even down to

The holiday season is a time for fun and celebration. The annual employee New Year holiday party is an event that sets the tone for the season. If you’ve been tasked with planning this party for your company, careful planning can help you get the most out of your holiday party while also controlling costs. At this time of year, retail businesses often close for a day or more to use the time to prepare

Another year is coming to a close, and the holidays are around the corner once more. As an HR employee, the job falls to you to get the rest of your company excited about the upcoming activities you have planned. Whether you choose to call your holiday company event a "Christmas party," a "Thanksgiving activity," or other holiday-themed names, these gatherings are important for the growth of your company. These year-end activities are meant to be

With the current conditions, most organizations take extra precautions when holding events. While traditional venues are still used sometimes, many seek safer seating layouts. You are probably looking for holiday party event facilities, too, and wondering if it's possible to throw your year-end event outside the confines of typical event venues. The good news is, you certainly can! There are non-traditional event venues like the Utah Motorsports Campus that allow you to be more experimental with

It takes time and effort to meticulously plan a successful event. However, before thinking about anything else, the very first thing you need to decide is where you will host the event. Selecting the right venue will help set the right mood for your event.  The appropriate venue will ensure that your attendees will be comfortable. It should have all the facilities and amenities to provide a top-notch program, serve delicious food, and let everybody have

Throwing a smashing event involves intense planning and preparations in the months leading up to the big day. There are no hard rules when it comes to celebrating an occasion, but for corporate landscapes, it’s good to have some guiding principles to push your event strategy in the right direction.  The business environment is more fast-paced than ever, so corporate events often build their momentum by putting the spotlight on common themes such as a product

As the best man, best friend, or all-around designated planner of the group, you’re going to have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. The bachelor party is going to be one of the most important nights in your friendship.  When it comes to stag parties, the most important element is fun. And while that may sound easy, whether your group is a mixed bag of personalities or a group of like-minded individuals, everyone has their

When it comes to organizing a business event, the process may seem daunting at first glance. As much as you want to provide chances for networking and team-building, you equally want to ensure that guests are amused during their time away from the workplace. When it comes to organizing corporate events, whether you're new to the process or simply looking for fresh inspiration, there are specific measures you can take to ensure a memorable experience

For first-time track drivers, turning corners while riding a go-kart can become overwhelming. However, like most sports, it only takes a few adjustments to become used to approaching crossroads without worrying about if you’re doing it correctly or not. Treat go-kart racing as to how you would drive standard vehicles on the road. Although a kart track may have exaggerated turns, unlike the ones on public roads, turning them in is only the same.  But how do


Utah Motorsports Campus is Utah’s Largest Outdoor Event Venue and an automotive, motorcycle, and go-kart racing facility located 30 miles west of Salt Lake City in the Tooele Valley.


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