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Racing and drifting have always been intertwined. And while this is great for the most part as it brings more attention to racing and racing culture, it has to be said that drifting is not racing. Now, you may think that this is obvious but apparently there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to drifting and racing. While they are both motorsports, the differences between them are stark differences between the two. To help clear

Thrill, adrenaline, excitement. Just these three words are enough to convince someone to get behind the wheel and participate in go-kart racing outdoors. Very few sports can provide the stimulating experience racing can bring, which is why people of any age have fun fulfilling their need for speed. To some, motor racing is more than just a leisure activity to fulfill their need for speed. A few talented riders try their hand racing through Utah racetracks

The Nerf brand has been bringing fun to kids since 1989. It all started with the debut of the Blast A Ball, a small pinkish cannon that launched golf ball-sized foam projectiles. Since then, there has been a long line of different Nerf toys that have been released on the market. The popularity of Nerf toys has led to the rise in popularity of Nerf-related events, such as Nerf parties. And while these parties host many

Now, we’ve already talked about the four pieces of karting equipment that every outdoor go-kart racing driver needs, but racing goes way beyond just the equipment. Indeed, winning a go-kart race will require the driver to go the extra mile to be better than the rest of the competition.  If you have a race coming up and want to do all you can to prepare yourself to win, then we’ve got just the thing for you.

When people look for a thrilling activity that can inject some high-octane energy into their routine, then hopping on a go-kart and driving off to a fun-filled time with friends, family, or co-workers is right up your alley!  Go-karting is the kind of motorsport that welcomes thrill-seekers and sports enthusiasts, both of which have a place in the tracks. Many weekend warriors may ride on without a care in the world, but hobbyists may want to

When you think of amateur car racing, you may be like others who associate it with NASCAR, the constant adrenaline rush, and 24/7 excitement. While you can attain this to some degree as you go pro, remember that the keyword here is “amateur,” meaning that you are just starting to learn the ropes and putting yourself out there. For instance, you may have to get your novice competition license from the Sports Car Club of

Go-karting is an excellent way to blow off some steam and experience the breeze of being on the track. However, many newbies and even veterans can feel disheartened to enter a karting complex that’s jampacked. Although it’s great to meet new people who share a hobby, it’s not as fun when you have to share the venue with long lines in front of you. This is why it’s necessary to know the best time to

If you are looking for a way for you and your organization to get together and take some time off from your busy schedules, consider spending a day doing outdoor activities. One way to guarantee you remain safe, follow social distancing guidelines, and still have the best time in today’s times is by choosing a COVID-safe event space, such as a go-karting arena. Go-karting with your employees and colleagues is an enjoyable experience that allows you

Hosting an event can be a great way to promote a valuable brand, stimulate professional collaborations, and foster newfound camaraderie around important causes. Whatever your intent for hosting one, the money it takes to throw one is no joke. In fact, most event planners and corporations who are eager to host something end up not doing so simply because they lack funding. Luckily, you don’t have to meet the same fate. Just consider the following

Ever since the global pandemic started in 2020, many event planners were either forced to switch to virtual or hybrid events. This compromise was often made to keep shareholders happy and ensure that everyone got their profits and what the attendees paid for, especially if it was a long-awaited affair. However, since there’s a lack of value and excitement, many are often hesitant to go. Fortunately for you, there’s a chance to flip people’s expectations


Utah Motorsports Campus is Utah’s Largest Outdoor Event Venue and an automotive, motorcycle, and go-kart racing facility located 30 miles west of Salt Lake City in the Tooele Valley.


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