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Dragstrip & Oval

Will UMC Build a Utah Dragstrip or an Oval Race Track?

We get asked this question a lot, particularly since nearby Rocky Mountain Raceway closed its central Utah oval raceway and dragstrip in 2018. Most interest has been centered around a dragstrip at Utah Motorsports Campus.

We would like to add a dragstrip to our facility, among other things. We have done our homework on the subject. We have consulted with the NHRA and the drag racing community, and have had a preliminary plan drawn up. The cost to add a dragstrip to UMC is going to be approximately $10 million.

Our owners have told us they are not opposed to expanding or adding to UMC, but they have asked that we show a profit before they commit to spending more millions of dollars on the facility. That is not an unreasonable request and one that we are working to accomplish as hard as we know-how.

We are not profitable yet. We have gotten closer each year that we have operated the facility, both on behalf of Tooele County (2016-2018) and as the actual owners of the facility (since 2019). As you can well imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a major wrench into our plans, and as a result, it appears that 2020 will not be the year that we reach profitability.

We remain hopeful that things will improve and that we will be able to reach profitability and expand our facility in the not-too-distant future. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy or participate in the activities that we do have – racing, karting, track days, drifting – in the meantime. That would help.

We appreciate the interest and passion of all those who have inquired about expansion. We hope you will hang in there with us, and hopefully, we will eventually be able to add a dragstrip, oval track, hotel, sports bar, and other amenities in the years to come.


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