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Corporate Party Ideas for 2021 – Our Guide


This year has changed the way everybody celebrates holiday parties at work, and there’s no telling what 2021 might bring to the table. While everybody is finding ways to spend time with their families and friends, employers are often left wondering how to put together a fun and engaging party where employees can take time off and just have fun. Organizing one can be a little tricky given the COVID situation at the moment, but by finding ways to come together in a safe event venue, everybody will appreciate the chance to celebrate surviving the past year and ringing in the year to come. 

Here are some great ways to celebrate your corporate party while staying safe and without putting a dent in your budget!

The Classic Potluck Party

There’s no better way to get everybody involved in a corporate holiday party than by hosting a potluck. Rather than going with the usual favorites, put a festive spin on the food by asking everybody to bring a dish representing how they traditionally celebrate the holidays. It will give everybody a chance to taste food from different regions and countries, and it will certainly make the holidays feel even more festive. For larger companies, try organizing your potluck so that different groups handle separate courses (e.g., Human Resources brings drinks and dessert, Finance handles the first main course, etc.) for easier organization. 

Go Retro

You can jazz up the right corporate holiday party venue with a retro-themed costume party and transport everybody back in time. While everybody’s go-to favorite must be ‘70s disco since it’s the easiest to pull off, why not try other creative options like an ‘80s fitness party or the classic ‘50s sock-hop look? A theme like this will definitely get everybody’s creative juices flowing and ring in the holiday spirit. Make sure you have enticing prizes for best-dressed employees to ensure full participation!

White Elephant Gift Exchange

If organizing a party is too stressful and too last minute for your company, then hosting an Elephant Gift Exchange might be a better option, especially if you’re in a more intimate COVID safe indoor venue. This is perfect for offices with shy people who might prefer a simple get-together rather than a full-blown party program. Plus, this is an excellent opportunity for you to give out little tokens of appreciation for everybody, such as Amazon gift cards or some cash. 

Volunteer for a Good Cause

Every so often, it’s good to give back to the community, especially to those who aren’t as fortunate. Rather than having the traditional corporate holiday party, consider inviting your employees to make a donation or cook up a few meals and contribute to the local soup kitchen for those in need. It’s a very worthwhile way of spending your time and will truly embody the holiday spirit. 

Host a Scavenger Hunt

Divide your employees into groups and watch them put their heads together to solve where the scavenger hunt’s next clue will lead them. This is perfect for especially competitive employees, and it will make for a fun activity that people will remember fondly. Try renting a larger COVID safe outdoor event space for this to make it more challenging. 


There are many ways to throw parties, get-togethers, and celebrate for your corporate family. Finding the perfect venue with plenty of open space, whether indoor or outdoor, will ensure that your company follows the rules and regulations to prioritize everybody’s wellbeing. While things are still uncertain in terms of the risk due to the pandemic, practicing the right measures and precautions will ensure everybody remains safe for the few days left this year and all the celebrations in 2021. 

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