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Amateur Kart Racing in Utah

One of UMC’s most popular programs over the years has been Wide Open Wednesday (WOW), which allows car owners to drive their car on our big racetrack once a month.

We are taking that idea and expanding it to the UMC Kart Center with WOW Karting! This new program will take place on the same days that WOW occurs, and will allow both private and rental kart drivers to run on the UMC Kart Center’s Full Track (the only time anyone ever gets to run the Full Track).





  • 10:00 am - 7:00 pm


Private Karts

  • Private Karts $65 per person

Rental Karts (10-minute sessions)

  • $35 for one
  • $50 for two
  • $65 for three


  • Every Wednesday


  • There will be no online registration for WOW Karting. All drivers must register and pay at the UMC Kart Center upon arrival.


Helmet Requirements

  • All UMC OTD participants are required to wear an approved helmet while on track.
  • Car helmets (SA) must have DOT/SNELL ratings. Helmets cannot be older than 2005. Dirt bike/Motorcycle helmets (M) will not be allowed. (The SA standard requires a flammability test; the M standard does not.)



UMC Kart Racing Series

We have had a lot of questions and discussions about starting a UMC Kart Racing Series. This is something we’re considering for the future. Please inquire at the UMC Kart Center if you have any questions or suggestions about this proposed program email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.