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3 Affordable Event Ideas to Delight Your Attendees

networking event

Hosting an event can be a great way to promote a valuable brand, stimulate professional collaborations, and foster newfound camaraderie around important causes. Whatever your intent for hosting one, the money it takes to throw one is no joke. In fact, most event planners and corporations who are eager to host something end up not doing so simply because they lack funding. Luckily, you don’t have to meet the same fate. Just consider the following ideas for your next affordable, successful event:

Utah Networking events 

Although many would say you can network over the Internet, networking in person seems to have more effectiveness and authenticity, making the event more intentional rather than just a way to outdo each other by working on team projects to beat the competition.

Networking events are now more ideal because you can see more people being compelled to rally together, do good for their community, and make valuable contributions to their immediate sphere of influence to champion hope during these trying times. 

These events are also flexible because you can combine them with other activities, like team building and inspirational talks, which can even influence your attendees to be more friendly and proactive as they work towards teamwork to advocate for change or really anything of common interest for your group. The best part is all you really need is a venue, a few chairs, a modest stage setup, and some refreshments. 

Group recreational activities

Most people nowadays want to unwind and just get out of the house to escape the pressures of working from home. At the same time, they want to attend COVID-19-safe outdoor corporate events to be responsible for their household and others around them since each one can be a contributor to virus spread, even if the vaccines are being slowly rolled out. 

Luckily, you can find the perfect compromise through group recreational activities. You don’t even really have to spend much since your venue provider can provide you with all the necessary equipment and facilities. All you have to do is find participants, practice proper health protocols, and have fun! You can even get rates at a discounted price since you are one group! 

Trivia night 

How well do your extended family, co-workers, and other related groups know each other? How about for common interest topics or things that you and others are working towards? You can put all that to the test with a trivia night event, allowing you to get people to work together, push each other, and have an exciting night of learning new things about things! All you need is a great venue and the proper equipment to prepare the game, which is more affordable than other types of affairs. 

Don’t forget to dawn your best television host outfit like you are on Family Feud! If you are not the charismatic type, don’t worry because you can also push someone else in your circle to do it, give them the right costume, and look forward to taking control of things behind the scenes. 

Utah Event Ideas 

Event hosting has changed a lot recently for the past few months, but you can find ways to make it worthwhile for your attendees. It can even be budget-friendly, provided that you are open to different ideas and have the ideal venue. Just consider all the event ideas mentioned above, consider possibly reworking it to suit your needs, and gain the support and anticipation from your supporters.

Utah Motorsports Campus is the ideal place to host your COVID-19-safe outdoor corporate event and also indoor affairs for your convenience. The events at UMC are thrill-seeking, value-oriented, and fun for all ages! Submit your Request for Proposal to launch your next big thing with us! 



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