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3 Event Design Trends to Consider in 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were forced to cancel their events. In some ways, 2021 may also be the same. The good news is that may no longer be the case as mass vaccination drives, stricter social distancing protocols, and adherence to boosting one’s immune system are allowing event planners and prospective attendees to host gatherings. 

Since you still cannot host mass corporate affairs, and some are still afraid to attend in-person events, you should consider looking into current event design trends. This way, you can be assured that your event planning can lead to success as you listen to the concerns and demands of both your participants and clients. Feel free to use this article as your guide by considering the following:

  • Using empathy to drive up event participation 

Many communities were forced to self-isolate in their households for a long time, and thankfully, more are opening up for intimate get-togethers. However, it seems that most are still picking their events wisely as they go to affairs that cater to their direct needs and interests. The good news is that more people are becoming more emphatic about each other, given the realization that humankind cannot endure trials alone. 

Since the need for social interaction is sustained among many, you can bridge that further by designing events made to show empathy, either to one another or to a disadvantaged group. This way, you can push people to make a difference, whether it be by simply supporting your cause by talking about it or donating money. Just ensure there’s a humanistic aspect to your corporate events, especially as many are still struggling to overcome these trying times. 

  • Going beyond strictly face-to-face events 

If you are into event planning, you may have heard others having what they call hybrid events. It’s a mix of virtual and physical formal gatherings, allowing you to have attendees come while adhering to social distancing protocols. You have a program just as you would for a normal event, but only invite a few attendees in person. Other participants can follow what’s happening from their computers or the television, depending on how you want to broadcast it. 

The best thing about hybrid events is it’s the perfect solution to the new normal of corporate event hosting. You no longer have to purely resort to virtual tools, such as video conferencing, which is very overdone at this point, and most participants tend to loathe them since they want to take a break from their screen. With a hybrid event, at least there is some semblance of pre-COVID-19 times, and it enables you to connect better with your attendees. 

  • Working with COVID-safe corporate event venues 

You should work with professionals who can provide you with resources to host your events, especially since you may still be testing the waters with event designs. Additionally, there’s only so much you can do, and it’s not advisable to go through this on your own or with a team that is not equipped to handle something as high-stakes or contested among some people. 

Due to these valid concerns, it would be wise to work with a COVID-19-safe corporate event venue. They can give you the proper setup, offer you easy access to professional equipment, and you can also hear their suggestions based on previous clients. Through this, you can expect to succeed since you follow the rules and have valuable insights to draw from to host your event properly. 


As 2021 continues to look promising, you have the opportunity to host events properly as you follow the trends mentioned above. Just ensure you plan for it properly, identify your target audience, and make sure you listen to what your participants may want to see. Work on your own event design to get started! 

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