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3 Experiential Company Events Worth Considering

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The COVID crisis has changed everything about ensuring employee health, safety, and overall well-being. Virtual meetings and consultations are a grim reality we have to accept, but companies aren’t all about work, either; maintaining employee satisfaction and overall morale is also vital in keeping your business thriving.

Organizing a company event has become very tricky, given the pandemic. To prevent its spread, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has proposed thorough guidelines for all outdoor events. As such, there are many necessary precautionary measures to take and sanitation techniques to keep in mind when hosting any event.

Employees still need to relax and have fun on the company dime, so it’s worth exerting the effort to have COVID-safe experiential events. It will give employers and employees alike the time to celebrate surviving 2020 and look forward to a better 2021.

What Is The Experience Economy?

Experiential events and marketing techniques have a much more significant impact on a brand’s target audience. “Experiences” are a category that combines “goods” and “services” that results in something more valuable than the sum of its parts.

Consumers have recognized that there’s more to life than just buying things, and they are spending more significant percentages of their income on experiences instead. For example, going to a festival concert is an experience that combines music with food and companionship. Tourism experiences, on the other hand, combine sociology and philosophy with the simple act of going from one place to another.

Brands and businesses that create memorable, engaging, shareable experiences for their consumers and advertisers leave an indelible mark. In that same vein, immersive and experiential events are beneficial for employees too! Experiences can promote creativity, build teamwork, and keep employees engaged.

Experiential Company Events

All gatherings must be kept outdoors for the near future, but that only means you and your planning committee can be creative in choosing the right event for your company. Just make sure to rent outdoor spaces with room for social distancing and provisions for health and safety protocols. With thorough planning and supervision, you can still have a safe event!

Here are three experiential company events worth considering:


  • Casual outdoor picnic – If you and your employees have not been able to speak to each other face to face for several months, you can gather in a large outdoor picnic to socialize safely. Many people would be happy to be able to spend socially distanced time under the sun for a few hours and to share individually packed picnic food with their work friends.


  • Outdoor team building activities – Activity-based events build team spirit and encourage productivity within teams. Physical activities diminish stress and exercise other parts of the brain, so all home-based and office-based people will be doing something different.

Having an outdoor climbing wall, for example, will provide an adrenaline rush as well as a logistical challenge. You can also have a scavenger hunt around a big local park, which promotes teamwork, delegation, and tactical planning. Meanwhile, an outdoor survivalist lesson can develop leadership skills and enhance problem-solving skills.


  • Help the community – Lending a helping hand to your local community is a great bonding experience for any group. Volunteering for a charitable institution gives people a sense of purpose larger than themselves and enhances community relationships.  


Happy employees are more productive and are motivated to contribute to your business’s continued growth. Gathering outside of your respective work from home stations is crucial for ongoing employee satisfaction and good mental health. 

Employers can still host outdoor company events while maintaining safety and health. Just make sure to follow all precautionary measures given by the CDC and the local authorities!

Are you looking for a venue for your COVID-safe outdoor corporate event? Utah Motorsports Campus offers acres of open spaces for management retreats, training, concerts, and other group participation events in Utah. Book an event with us today!


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