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5 Things Venues Should Be Preparing for Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are growing significantly since the pandemic halted a lot of operations and caused industries to shift. Our Utah event planners can utilize the internet to host their occasions and connect virtual guests with in-house guests. 

As hybrid events look like they’re here to stay, venues should be able to cater and adapt. Here are a few other things venues should prepare for.

Inventory Control

Having a well-functioning inventory can attract clients. It presents how well you can control and oversee your stock. You also need to track which goods are low and need resupplying. An incomplete inventory can be an issue when hosting large sudden events that can go on for days. 

Besides, having a good record lessens stress and the need to rush when preparing for the event. There is inventory management software available online; they can assist venues in having a proper inventory plan to deal with insurance and focus on maintenance.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

On-site guests and hosts in hybrid events will need PPE. Health and safety risks can still come about, so it’s better to be prepared and provide the adequate equipment they need. Venue staff should also wear the same protective gear as they’re on site.

The features of the PPE should protect every part of the body. You should have gloves for the hands and gowns that can cover the entire physique. As for the face, look to include a face mask, face shield, and eye goggles in the protective clothing.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Having a sanitized venue should be a top priority. Utilize cleaning and disinfecting chemicals to decontaminate an area before and after occupation. In conjunction, there should be proper trash disposal after an event to avoid any diseases or illnesses that may come about.

Proper Broadcasting

One of the more contemporary concepts venues will have to introduce for hybrid events is broadcasting events in real-time, which can be slightly different from the traditional documentation process. Each section of an event is presented live instead of pre-recording and editing them. Technical issues can quickly arise and plague the event if the broadcasting is off.

Many popular venues in the US and international scene, such as Australia’s ICC Sydney, are constructing broadcasting studios on their grounds. Having a proper studio enables platforms to smoothly live stream an event while minimizing any problems. It can be challenging to begin a broadcasting studio, but all you need is some good equipment and a little patience.

Event Pricing

During tough times, some events may be hesitant to rent out a venue due to budget constraints. Additional fees can take a toll and be a turning point in whether a planner will choose your locale or not. Outlets should think about offering a package deal to pique the interest of event planners. 

Some deals can include the complete services and assistance to an event. That deal can also cover free use of the broadcasting service, which can be an attractive option for hybrid events. Hotels in the area may also consider discounts on guest rooms and cuisine for the hosts and producers as well.


There probably won’t be a shortage of hybrid events in the future, so it would be better to be prepared now. Event planners will be relying on the venues to provide the best facilities and services. It’s important to contribute to the success of an event, no matter how big or small.

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