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Company Retreats – Go-Karting Activity at a COVID SAFE Facility

Corporate Retreats Covid Safe Event Venue

Company retreats are meant to be exciting and largely participatory, and this is why you should have outdoor go karting for your next one. This is much better than other more traditional and boring retreats, like simple team-building exercises and booking a hotel. With go karting, you put your company on the right track to planning a successful and action-packed event.

This guide will help you plan for your next company retreat outdoors with different go kart tracks and activities. We will discuss what you can expect from this retreat with an emphasis on building strong office relationships through outdoor activities.

1. Provides healthy competition among your employees

Employees are naturally always pitted against each other, especially when it comes to meeting different office deadlines first. This can breed a healthy atmosphere of competition because it makes them determined to outdo each other. The same can be said when they get behind the go kart wheel.

Company retreats are the best way for you, as a company executive, to bring out the same healthy competition among your employees but in a more recreational way. This allows them to build friendly relationships that they may not have been able to since they are confined to their workspaces most of the time. Go karting provides your employees with an avenue to race and cheer for one another, building newfound respect and empathy in the workplace. 

2. Pushes everyone to be active participants

The problem with most company retreats is there are excuses employees use to not participate in activities. In fact, this is why hotel-based retreats are not ideal, since the majority of employees end up retreating or sleeping in their assigned rooms. Then, the company retreat ends up being mostly unproductive and unmemorable.

On the other hand, go karting keeps active participation literally on track.Employees can take turns and try different race tracks. This ensures that everyone is going around and enjoying themselves. By the end of the retreat, your employees will look forward to other action-packed company activities that you may have planned.

3. Provides a break for the monotony of work

Company retreats are designed to not only provide rest. They are also supposed to be a break from the often routinary nature of work. This can gradually become monotonous over time, with different employees lacking the energy and creativity to go beyond the work they were assigned.

A go karting company retreat is like your employees’ much-needed breath of fresh air. It enables them to take an active break and participate in adrenaline-pumping activities. They can drive around to their heart’s content and try different tracks. After the retreat, your employees will have a renewed sense of passion that will increase their productivity.

4. Shows your executives’ more extreme and fun-loving side

Your company may have an executive team that is in charge of leadership responsibilities. They may be strictly professional at work, which is a given since your executives undergo a lot of pressure to deliver as a company. Hence, they, too, can benefit from your next company retreat at the go kart tracks.

Your top executives have the opportunity to show their fun-looking side when they race against each other. This allows them to better empathize with their employees and form newfound friendships outside the world of work. Once they return to the office, it gives them a new sense of passion for what they are doing and appreciation for the people they work with. Truly, all it takes is the perfect company retreat.


Overall, company retreats with outdoor go karting are much more fun and productive than other traditional activities. Your company can benefit from the new dynamics, adrenaline rush, and participative nature of outdoor activities. Consider go karting today to add renewed excitement and provide your employees with the break they need.

Are you looking for fun and professional go kart rentals in Utah? We at Utah Motorsports Campus can provide you with that. We have all the equipment and facilities you need for your next company retreat. Also, our COVID-19 Policy Trained Staff are constantly keeping our facility sanitized and ready for your event. Contact us today to spend quality time with your employees.

Learn about how Utah Motorsports Campus maintains a COVID-19 Compliant Venue for our customers.

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