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Corporate Event – 5 Ways to Plan A Successful Company Outing

Corporate Event Venue Salt Lake

Corporate events are a great way of helping your employees bond and develop rapport. A well-placed company outing, especially right after a project or as a celebration, boosts employee morale and encourages them as well. Aside from keeping your employees happy, company outings also can boost employee retention in the long run.

If you do not know what to plan for your next company outing, here are five ideas to help you:

1. Set up a Sports Fest

Divide your employees into teams based on departments, and let them compete in a series of matches to claim supremacy. The traditional sports fest is held regularly because it works. Sports matches play to the inherent competitive natures and people’s preference to be part of a group. You can even include a cheerleading competition! To make everything work out, you’ll only need a corporate event venue to host these games, and some sports equipment.

2. Organize a “Survivor” challenge

Similar to popular reality TV shows, organize your employees into camps and get them to compete against each other in a series of challenges. You can make the competition structured like a race where a team needs to finish the challenges quickly to earn the lead or have them earn points to encourage efficiency. These series of games can include everything from challenges requiring brute strength, to those needing more intelligence. These types of activities not only help form camaraderie, but it will also help develop problem-solving skills. At a corporate event venue like Utah Motorsports Campus, there is plenty of room on our property for this activity.

3. Hold a concert

Inviting a well-loved band or musical act can serve as a great way to entertain your employees. You can also throw in some song and dance numbers from your own employees to keep them engaged throughout the event. It also helps if the main act that you’re going to invite resonates well with the majority of your employees. At the same time, do not forget to keep the food coming, and if you are confident of your crowd control skills, you can even throw in some drinks to help your employees loosen up and have fun! UMC’s corporate event venue offers first-class catering services for this as well.

4. Rent a Go-Kart racetrack

Many people have the need for speed, regardless of their age. While you won’t be driving F1 race cars, even children and first-timers who’ve never driven before can handle outdoor Go Karts. Car racing activities are not entirely common for a corporate event yet, but it will be something new for your employees to try. Plus, they’ll never forget the time they beat their bosses on the race track.

5. Award them with recognition

This one may be the least adrenaline-pumping, but a little recognition for the hard work that your employees project towards your company goals will certainly go a long way.

You can hold a banquet for your employees, and design a few certificates, plaques, or trophies to recognize not only the top performers, but also those whose loyalty and ingenuity has become an asset to your organization. Furthermore, you can recognize achievements as simple as always coming to work on time. As a result, your employees will appreciate the fact that their efforts are being noticed, even if the reward is just a trophy. Check out our beautiful facility designed for every need of any corporate event.


Company outings are a great way to bond with your team. With a little bit of imagination, you’ll be able to create lasting memories and help your employees see your company not just as a place of work, but also as a family worth keeping.

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