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Corporate Events – COVID SAFE Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

Corporate Event Venue Salt Lake

Corporate events can be boring with the office trivia, escape rooms, and movie nights. These aren’t even enough to get your body the exercise that it needs. What your next office event needs is an experience that you and your co-workers won’t forget.

Go-karting is an exhilarating experience that anyone can enjoy. Forget the dull nature of solving puzzles in a cramped room. By renting an outdoor go-kart track, you can enjoy an activity that can give you and your co-workers an exciting and memorable experience to look back on. On top of this, corporate events are safer outdoors during the COVID pandemic. Pair that with our strict COVID-19 Safety Policy and your guests will feel safe and focus more on their fun.

If you want to host a unique and engaging corporate event, here are four reasons why you should go to a racetrack:

1. Boundless fun with the entire company

It’s rare for companies with large departments to interact with each other. Because of this, corporate events are one of the few instances that you can interact with the people you share an office space with, but don’t even know.

A person from HR can take on someone in sales to a fun drive around the track. You can take it up a notch and have different departments compete with each other in a friendly competition. A racetrack is a wholesome and competitive environment that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their place in the company.

2. Get the thrill away from the office

Corporate events are one of the few instances where you and your co-workers can leave the monotony of the office space. If you’re planning the next office event, you should always try to leave the workplace to get some fresh air. Go-karting doesn’t just get you away from your office building; it also puts you in the middle of an adrenaline-pumping situation. Go-karts can run as fast as 75km/h, which is excellent for people who want to let off some steam of staying stuck at work for weeks on end.

3. Mix both productivity and fun in one venue

Although race track facilities’ main selling point is the ability to host racing events, they also have some facilities and features that are excellent for corporate events. If you want to mix both work and play, you can rent conference rooms to get some debriefing of projects and assignments at the venue itself. It’s an excellent way to bring your company’s different teams together for a productive and enjoyable occasion. Utah Motorsports Campus grounds and event spaces are vast and offer plenty of space for your guests to practice effective social distancing. We are the perfect venue to host a COVID SAFE corporate event.

4. Receive special assistance in your booking

Setting up corporate events is far from being a simple task. Bouncing between client deadlines, last-minute proposals, and the endless backlog of emails can make it a chore to try something new. This is one of the many reasons why corporate event planners are reluctant to try out new things. Thankfully, renting a racetrack has its unique perks and benefits. You can request help with anything from scheduling concerns to catering services to make your office event extra special!


Nothing brings the company together more than an exhilarating experience that’s equal parts exciting and enjoyable. Go-karting in a racetrack for a corporate event is a thrilling experience that you should try at least once in your life. Who knows? Your boss might make it a routine activity that can help you and your co-workers let off some steam and get some blood pumping after long hours at the office.

At Utah Motorsports Campus, we host motorsport corporate events in Utah to help you plan an exciting occasion for your company! We have different tracks and facilities to accommodate your special occasion’s needs. Book with us today to experience the thrill of go-karting!

You may also submit a Request for Proposal and our professional corporate event team will assist you in all your planning.

Learn about how Utah Motorsports Campus maintains a COVID-19 Safe Venue for our customers.

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