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Event Venue In Utah

Booking a great event venue doesn’t come without its challenges. From the date to catering options, your attendees’ experience will be dictated by the venue. When making a decision, the earlier the better. Taking into consideration your budget, event size, and space requirements, selecting a base camp for your event should be simple—right? Not quite! Take note of the following factors when shopping around for the perfect event space and who knows—you may even end up on a Utah racetrack!


If you’re hosting a local event, you won’t want to stray too far from where your potential attendees live and work. Alternatively, if your attendees are driving or flying in from out of town, selecting a space near the airport or their respective hotels will ease up the stress of additional travel.

To reduce the chances of attendees showing up late, equip them with a mobile event app or invitation. Equipped with GPS, driving directions, and information regarding public transportation options, there’s no reason your attendees will show up even a minute late—hopefully.


Beyond being embellished with elaborate decor and a roster of exciting events, a venue with loads of parking space is what dreams are made of. Best case, your venue will come with a private parking lot and valet services. Otherwise, you can opt to reserve nearby lots for attendees or consider Uber and Lyft discounts for event transportation. If your budget can afford it, offer valet services yourself, especially for more upscale events such as a gala.


Knowing the room capacity of the event venue can help you plan accordingly for your guests. Also, check if the event venue has minimum food and beverage spending amount. Finally, ask if they provide complementary services after a certain level of spending.

Services and Amenities

A stunning event venue is one thing—whether they can accommodate your event is another. If your space doesn’t have a kitchen, check it they are partnered with a caterer or allow outside food vendors.

You may also be able to use existing seating options. If the venue offers a cleaning and equipment crew, that will make things easier.


Though it’s best to finalize an event venue early in the planning, you’ll want to know how your activities will work within the space. With an illustrated floor plan, you can note important details such as outlet locations, traffic flow, dining space, and a demo area.

If you’re hosting guests with special needs or having children join, make sure the building and its amenities are accessible.


Depending on whether your event venue is upscale or casual, the architecture and ambiance of the space may or may not suit your needs.


Not every event venue will do business with you if you don’t have insurance. If you have access to a liability agent, reach out for possible endorsements to your event.

Cost and Flexibility

If an in-demand event venue is looking to fill open dates, be flexible with your date. By offering 2 to 3 options, you might even get a discount. You can even make use of outdoor patios or extra rooms.


As finding the right event venue for your event can take up a lot of your time, we’ll say it thrice—plan ahead! Research online event listings or contact your local visitor’s bureau for assistance.

For a Utah motorsports event venue that never disappoint, book with us at Utah Motorsports Campus! Whether to host a concert or indulge in go-karting, our stunning space makes for fast fun every time.

Learn about how Utah Motorsports Campus maintains a COVID-19 Safe Venue for our customers.

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Utah Motorsports Campus is Utah’s Largest Outdoor Event Venue and an automotive, motorcycle, and go-kart racing facility located 30 miles west of Salt Lake City in the Tooele Valley.


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