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Games That Will Bring Out Your Family’s Competitive Spirit

family board game

Being with family should be something safe, comfortable, and utterly memorable. One of the best ways of sparking that is by bringing out a couple of games that everyone can enjoy, as it’ll truly make a mark in one’s memories. There are also great photo opportunities to capture the whole experience.

If there are a number of kids in the family, be sure to be mindful of them when choosing the games. It’s key to find something that everyone will be able to participate in so that everyone is included in the fun. There are virtual games that may be great to indulge in, but there are several old-fashioned ones that are good for any age too.

Here are some of the best family games to get the competition rolling:

Nerf Gun

Nerf Gun Rival Wars is enjoyable for so many children, and it often brings back adults to the simpler things in life, like shooting somebody with a Nerf Gun. Dividing the teams into two and going head to head with one another is a great way to build up bonds and excitement.

Families can also consider playing a Nerf Gun deathmatch and seeing which player will be the last person standing. Be sure to find a COVID-Safe venue to rent out and do the activities. This is for the safety of your younger and more vulnerable family members.


If your family has ever wanted to try their hands at using a bow and arrow, archery tag is the simplest and easiest way to try it out. Get a mask, bow, arrows, and more before splitting into teams to learn which groups are the best marksmen and women.

The arrows are harmless to the targets that they hit, though it will mean that your group will be down one player if you get hit. You could also just have one big battle royale to see who will be the Katniss Everdeen of this family Hunger Games.


When you feel like making a competition out of the family night or the parents feel like placing bets, there’s nothing like a friendly game of dodgeball to set the mood. It can feel even more thrilling to play in a legitimate dodgeball arena with something at stake.

The rules are pretty straightforward, that even your kids may remember what they did for PE class. Hit a person and they’re out of the court, then dodge to stay in. Catching the ball should also get you a free turn. Families can make up their own little rules too when playing.

Board Games

After going through the physical family activities that help liven up the game night, it’s time to relax into some more mental family games. Some may be more competitive, but a nice game of scrabble or snakes and ladders can help everyone cool down just in time for bed.

Throwing in other activities like the question games or lego building can also be more fun over teaming. Instead of being against one another, it’s more about honing the family together as one group and making wonderful memories.


Family game night can truly be incredible with the right choices. Ensure to find an open space when carrying out these games. That way, you can ensure that your family is safe from the pandemic while still having fun.

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