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Gamification of Corporate Events: Why It Pays to Try

In the age of social media and interactive marketing strategies, you have to make sure that your business is on par or can surpass your competitors. One of the best ways to do this is through the gamification of corporate events. It’s basically applying gameplay mechanics, like healthy competition and point-scoring, as a marketing stunt to boost healthy customer engagement surrounding your products and services. But why do these kinds of events succeed? 

This article will discuss three key reasons why gamification-focused marketing events are worthwhile as a business investment for promotional marketing and customer loyalty. Take this as an opportunity to enhance your company’s marketable presence, allowing you to generate customer support to keep your business going. That way, you can outlast your competitors in your niche industry and enjoy continuous expansion opportunities! 

Provides strategic social media events tie-ins for aggressive marketing

Gamification may seem like a new concept for marketing, but it’s actually a variation on interactive marketing, an immersive experience to entice customers to buy your products and services. You may fail to attract online prospects who are more in-tune with digital advertising. Fortunately, gamification can be an avenue to tie-in online and offline marketing strategies together. 

For example, let’s say your business will host group participation events in Utah that are purely competitive. You can attract your target audience’s attention by stimulating their interests, like extreme sports and go-karting. You can then integrate your branding as the main sponsor of the events, enabling you to promote them on social media for effective customer engagement on both Internet and off-Internet means. As a result, you will have a well-rounded customer base and generate leads easily! 

Allows your marketing team to meet projections easily 

Marketing is not about meeting a template, and that’s something that your current marketing team may be struggling with as they propose different ineffective campaigns. As the business owner, you can take the lead using gamification-driven marketing to inspire your marketing team to think big and become more dynamic about their idealized approach to your customers. That way, you can reap the benefits as you increase customer loyalty and engagement! 

Enables your business to incentivize loyal customers

Marketing is more than just merely promoting products and services. You can also reward your loyal customers as a means for them to be ambassadors of your brand to their friends and family. 

The best way to do that is through gamification corporate events. It allows you to interact with customers on an authentic level and unite them to be more enticed with your mission and vision. Using these events as incentives can push your business forward as a customer-centered, proactive company! 


Gamification may be a lucrative opportunity to grow your client base. Fortunately, you now have a better idea of what to expect. All you need to do is find a safe, accessible corporate events area that can offer you the professional facilities and services for your next marketing venture. Consider all the previously mentioned information and invest in gamification campaigns!

Are you looking for the ideal COVID-safe private event venue in Utah for your next gamification venture? Visit us today at Utah Motorsports Campus! We can offer you the best competing activities, like go-kart racing and dodgeball, to help your business grow. Book your next marketing event with us to increase your business’s customer engagement and profit activity! 


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