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Go-Kart Racing – 7 Tips to Dominate UMC’s Outdoor Track

Go Kart Racing Outdoor UMC

We’re not mining words: Go-Kart racing is definitely as fun as it looks. Having a Go-Kart race, both outdoors or indoors will definitely make your party more lively and engaging. The more competitive and adrenaline-loving guests will be competing and having fun. Even the spectators will enjoy the spectacle. So, it’s better than any other form of entertainment!

You know what’s even more fun? Winning. Of course, the goal is to have fun, but the competitive side of you should now be aiming to dominate. As anybody with experience will tell you, though, it’s not as easy as it looks. Even sporting a driver’s license and real road driving experience may not give you much of an advantage. Follow these steps to ensure dominance on Utah Motorsports Campus’ outdoor go-kart track.

1. Warm-up

Sure, go-kart racing looks like a child’s play, but it’s a lot more physically demanding than you think. We recommend stretching your legs and arms and even do some on-the-spot jogging to get the blood flowing.

2. Sit still and be one with your kart

Just like in real-life driving, you need to understand that your vehicle is responding to your motion as well. In a light vehicle, such as the Go Kart, throwing your body around can interfere with your vehicle’s ability to maintain forward motion. Make sure you are buckled snugly at the beginning of each race to avoid accidents as well.

3. Keep your hands on the wheel

We recommend holding the steering wheel on the ten and two o’clock positions to maximize the range of steering motions. The steering wheel is your only real contact with the track, so knowing how to control it can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Remember that go-kart racing is determined not only by speed but also by how efficiently you can manage your turns. 

4. Work the gas and brake pedals

It should be a no-brainer: Gas pedal makes you go, and brake pedal makes you stop. However, this can also be the most tricky part. Every vehicle will behave with slight differences with the force you apply to them. The especially dicey part is that, unlike driving your car in real-life, you will not have as much time to truly finetune your approach to your vehicle.

In go-kart racing, you’ll have to learn as you go. Don’t worry, you should be able to get the hang of it as soon as you approach your first turn. Pro Tip: It’s always best to gradually apply force to the pedals instead of flooring them to maintain control.

5. Experiment with your turns until you find the sweet spot

It’s quite rare for first-time go-kart racers to find the fastest line. With each lap, try to execute your turns a little differently. You can also observe other races to see if they are some things better. This way, you can finetune your approach and get through those laps faster. 

6. Keep your distance

Of course, it’s go-kart racing. You’ll want to overtake your competitors with every chance you get. However, keeping a safe distance whenever possible, is still king. Remember that the race can also be won by managing your turns efficiently and maintaining control. You can’t do that after bumping with another car or the barriers.

7. Have fun

Make the most of Go-Kart racing by competing for fun prizes and even pretending that you’re a young Mario Andretti driving for his first trophy. Just remember to keep a cool head. Competition is what makes the race exciting, but the end goal, more than winning, should be to leave with fun memories.


By learning some of these tips, you are actually one lap closer from beginner to Go-Kart racing champion. However, as with most things in life, you’ll learn better by going out there and steering the wheel.

If you’re nearby, Go-Kart racing in Utah has never been better with us at Utah Motorsports Campus. Our racetrack conforms to international standards and is open for parties and corporate events. Book a race today!

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