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Go Kart Regulations 101

There aren’t many activities that can be as fun and engaging as driving a go-kart around the track. Karting is a great family-friendly sport that’s becoming popular among friends, relatives, and racing aficionados. It’s not unusual to see people of all ages at an open track in Utah having a friendly yet competitive run.

Since driving a go-kart is accessible and easy to learn, you won’t need any special skill sets to have fun with it. However, like your first day in driving school, you need to prepare yourself before taking your place behind the wheel. Following essential go-karting regulations is necessary to keep you safe on the track. This allows you to drive responsibly while still having a good time.

In this article, we’ll share with you four things you should do before you can enjoy your time at a go-karting racetrack.

Buy the right go-karting gear

Before you start buying some karting gear, you should first know what class you’re going to run and what area you’ll drive your kart. The best way to get a feel of what equipment you’ll need is by going to the track. Keep in mind that different courses will offer their own set of challenges while you drive. For example, driving on a road course is leagues away from oval dirt racing. Ask the local racers for some gear suggestions that will fit your level. It’s a great way for you to learn more about go-karting while gaining new friends!

Take note of your kart class

Keep in mind that you’ll be driving a powerful vehicle that can give injuries like burnt knees or shoulder injuries. This is why you’ll still need to consider how you’ll fit under specific kart classes. Your age, engine package, and total weight, including the kart, will give you a set number of kart builds that will fit your class.

Follow general safety rules while on the road

Like driving on the road, you’ll need to observe some practical and mandatory regulations for driving. Your first priority is to avoid incurring any injuries while you’re inside a go-kart. Remember to wear the right clothes, starting with closed-toe shoes to your perfect-fit helmet. While on the racetrack, remember to be mindful of other go-karts. Self-awareness will keep you from bumping into others unintentionally.

Race friendly and responsibly

You can always have fun even while observing safety regulations. Although a race track is intrinsically competitive, you shouldn’t let adrenaline cause you to get carried away with your driving. If you’re driving along a track with other drivers, you should always be careful of unintentionally slamming against other vehicles. Go-kart racing is a non-contact sport that disallows any aggressive interactions among racers. Reckless behavior can be dangerous to yourself and others, so tracks have strict rules against aggressive drivers.


With many people coping with cabin fever due to COVID-19, you’ll expect a massive influx of people who are ready to get behind the wheel and start their go kart’s engine. Go Karting is quickly becoming a popular way to pass the time while having fun with your friends. The adrenaline-pumping feeling of the wind in your hair and the finish line in sight is a unique way to spend your afternoons.

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