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Go-Kart Safety – 5 Considerations When Letting Your Child Race

Go Kart Safety Kids Go Karts

One of the most fun activities for children is go-kart racing. So long as there are proper go-kart safety protocols. Your children are generally safe behind the wheel, especially since go-kart safety was designed with children in mind.

That being said, there are go-kart safety practices and considerations every parent should be aware of when they allow their children to drive these recreational vehicles. This article will cover some of them, so you can rest assured that any risk of injury is minimized for your child.

1. Tight-fitting clothing is safer

A go-kart is a machine with moving parts that move at fairly great speeds. As such, it is important that your children wear clothing that will not get snagged or caught in any of these moving parts. In addition to this, tops should have long sleeves and pants should reach down to the ankles for added protection in the event of an accident. This is the first step in practicing go-kart safety.

2. They should be wearing helmets

This should generally go without saying, but it still needs to be emphasized again and again. When driving any recreational vehicle, your child should wear a helmet to protect from severe injuries. The head is a very sensitive part of the body and is easily hurt, even with just the slightest forces. This is probably the most important step in go-kart safety.

3. The go-karts should have safety harnesses

If you take your children to the local go-kart racetrack and find that there are no safety harnesses on the vehicles, go home. This is an essential part of their go-kart safety and should be available. Not only that, but these must also be fastened perfectly and have a tight fit. Make sure the professionals at the racetrack also educate your children about the right way to put them on.

4. Make them start slow

The temptation to go fast is strong in nearly every child, and as such, must be mitigated with the proper training. Make sure they are aware of the risks of driving too fast. Even with all the protective equipment in the world, enough speed could seriously injure anyone.

If they really want to try and go fast, you could sign them up for instruction with a professional to help them drive more carefully, even at greater speeds. They will be thankfgul for this go-kart safety tip.

5. Consider fire-retardant clothing

This is especially important if your child wants to consider racing in competitions. While go-karts don’t use much gas, they still have enough to catch fire in the event of an accident. This is why most competitions and leagues require fire-retardant clothing of their racers.

Fire safety suits, special racing shoes, and fire safety gloves are just some of the ways you can keep your child go-kart safety smart.

Final thoughts

Driving a go-kart is a thrilling experience for any person, especially a child, but this experience does not have to be dangerous. With the right safety practices and careful consideration of the risks, your child is likely to have a fun time at the racetrack, whether they choose to race recreationally or competitively.

If you’re looking for a Utah racetrack to bring your child to, send us a message at Utah Motorsports Campus. We can make this exciting motorsport safer and more memorable for your children. You may also schedule a go-kart session for you or your family/group.

We are the only venue with an outdoor go-kart track in Utah. Come see us for go-karts that go up to 60MPH!

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