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Go-Kart Tips – A UMC Guide to Racing Like a Pro

Go Kart Outdoor UMC Track

Go-karting is something many mistakingly believe is much like what one experiences in a racing simulation game or regular driving. While the basics of these two are similar to that when driving a go-kart, the familiarities in basic principles are where the similarities end.

Anyone that has tried go-karting can easily attest to its more complicated use—the speed and maneuverability alone are on a different level entirely. The advanced application and experience of actually driving on a go-kart track are incredibly different from what you may have experienced, but a little preparation can zoom you up to the top.

If you want to race go-karts like a pro, then follow these six simple and easy steps to speed through your learning curve.

Pro-Tip #1. Plant your hands on the wheel

First and foremost, do NOT let go of the driving wheel. Driving with one hand can easily get you into an accident, so plant your hands firmly on the wheel. Keep them at an optimal distance from each other—a 10 and 2 can provide you with the best possible maneuverability range for beginner drivers. This is the most important step for go-karting.

Pro-Tip #2. Sit tight

Buckle your seatbelt and keep yourself safely tucked in within your seat. By planting yourself firmly on your seat, you avoid the minor drags that your weight shifting causes. As you make turns, your body will inevitably move, which is why securing yourself as much as possible can minimize the effect. Enhance your go-karting skills with safety.

Pro-Tip #3. Ease on the brakes

One of the most common mistakes in go-karting you can make is to slam on the brakes at turns—this is the easiest way to lose speed, or worse, get into an accident. Each machine is different, so try testing how soft or hard your brakes work as soon as you get into your kart. By taking notice of this, you can properly time your approach on curves and use the least amount of friction necessary to make the turn without degrading speed.

Pro-Tip #4. Experiment on your first lap

The first lap is your trial lap—this is the time to practice your brakes, your turns, and your lines. While it’s still a part of go-karting, optimizing your route choices can still turn the tide, so learn as much as you can on your first run through.

Pro-Tip #5. Minimize the turns you take

A straight line is always your shortest route, it reduces distance and the speed lost on turns and curves. The purpose of learning your breaks and lines you have to drive through on track is to optimize your turning. Turning too early will greatly reduce your speed, whereas turning too late will incredibly increase your distance. You’ll feel awesome driving like a pro in go-karting.

Pro-Tip #6. Safety

There are always a lot of risks when go-karting, so ensure that your safety comes first at all times. Winning may be a great feeling, but staying healthy without any injuries or accidents definitely feels much better than that.


Go-karting can be incredibly fun—the adrenaline you get from doing it really makes it a good hobby to practice. The key to being a pro at go-karting lies is driver’s instinct, one that can only come with practice on the track.

At Utah Motorsports Campus, we provide you with a race-track for any extreme sport – get in touch with us today and set a schedule for your next go-kart experience in Salt Lake City!

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