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Go-Karting – 3 Practical Tips for Mastering the Outdoor Track

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Taking your first step into the track can feel a bit different compared to the one that’s built for a full-sized car. Although go-kart can look similar in terms of handling and driving, there are specific rules and precautions that you have to keep in mind to make sure that your driving experience is safe for you and other go-karters.

In this article, we will share three practical tips for go-karting in mastering your track:

1. Keep your hands in the right place

Casual drivers are commonly seen taking their hands off the steering wheel when their car’s slowly cruising on the road. Although this can work for heavier vehicles that require much more strength and force to change the wheel’s course, go-karts have far more sensitive steering wheels, which make this practice dangerous.

With a smaller vehicle like a go-kart, a steering wheel is more prone to faster shifts in direction. In general, you should avoid putting your hands anywhere else besides the wheels, as the slightest disturbance in control can alter your driving course. Instead, it is best if you practiced keeping your hands to a quarter-to-three position throughout your drive to give you a smoother reaction time in precise changes in direction.

2. Avoid relying on breaks for turns

It’s a recurring mistake for beginners to slam the breaks when closely approaching curves.  Although this may work with a larger vehicle, it won’t offer the same outcome with a go-kart’s smaller fame. If you push too hard, you’ll eventually catch your kart spinning out of control, making you disoriented to make the right maneuver.

As far as possible, you should start braking from a distance gradually before you reach a turn.  However, the best way to manage curves is by decelerating then quickly accelerating to maintain speed in exiting the bend. In general, you should start wide and aim for just beyond the curve’s apex. As you reach the turn, you should shift to accelerate and maintain your go-kart’s speed.

It will help if you time yourself correctly in decelerating at the right moment so that you won’t lose too much momentum when racing. The more familiar you are with the track, the better your turning will be in encountering these corners.

3. Pace yourself accordingly

Go-karting is both for casual and competitive drivers. However, this doesn’t mean that an informal setting or a racing event is enough reason for you to bump into other drivers. This won’t only lead to damages on the kart that you’ll have to pay for, but it can also cause accidents resulting in injuries for you and other go-karters.

Exercising safety needs to be your first priority, other than merely maintaining speed. You should avoid committing aggressive maneuvers, such as cornering or tailgating karts both around and in front of you, and focus instead on your own pacing.


Go-karting is a fun activity that both casual and professional racers can enjoy. However, one of the most challenging hurdles that one has to overcome is mastering the track. Nevertheless, the more time you spend on learning the different aspects of the track, the better you’ll be able to increase your speed and improve your handling.

If you want to master a track, you must experience it first-hand if you want to improve on it gradually. Looking for go-kart tracks in Utah to test your skill? Schedule a time slot with us today and experience a safe and professional environment for your go-karting needs!

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