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How to Craft Entertainment for Virtual and Hybrid Events

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Ever since the global pandemic started in 2020, many event planners were either forced to switch to virtual or hybrid events. This compromise was often made to keep shareholders happy and ensure that everyone got their profits and what the attendees paid for, especially if it was a long-awaited affair. However, since there’s a lack of value and excitement, many are often hesitant to go. Fortunately for you, there’s a chance to flip people’s expectations by banking on highly entertaining occasions. Consider the following tips for your guidance: 

Make it worthwhile to attend and tune in 

Let’s first try to put ourselves in the shoes of typical invitees for our events. They are mostly stuck at home with nothing to do, and they are more or less accustomed to watching live streams, webinars, and other virtual events. They may have also attended hybrid events, but they also could be apprehensive about them due to the lack of meaningful connections and excitement. With these perspectives in mind, that’s where you would start thinking of ways to bring entertainment to the next level.

For instance, let’s say you are launching group participation events in Utah for a musical instruments supplier. Your directive is to attract local customers to their store. Since you are thinking of local engagement, you may want to have a brand tribute for The Osmonds, a popular band from the 70s from the area. 

You could also stream online for Facebook group members who are interested in sounds from that decade. To accompany this, you can have guitar giveaways for in-person attendees while limiting the venue capacity to stay compliant with COVID-19 guidelines. 

Remember, the main point is whether you have a virtual or hybrid audience, providing entertainment is your best bet to get people talking, participating, and praising your initiatives. 

Don’t push for spontaneous changes to your program 

Most people like to do something spontaneous with their friends and family because it adds excitement and intrigue to intimate gatherings. While you may also want to do the same, that’s not feasible for any virtual or hybrid event, especially if there’s a chance of virus spread. Also, individuals and enterprises tend to be more focused on mitigating health and economic risks. 

As such, always have an event proposal ready and be strategic about making it entertaining. Ensure you go about it in such a way that even if your attendees know what to expect, there’s some welcome shock value and pleasant surprises ready! 

Focus on getting the perfect venue 

There’s indeed a great advantage to having all the right tools and features for any venue, whether that be virtual or in-person events. For example, if you want to pick the appropriate platform for your webinar, Zoom has a host of features that are tailored to your needs, like a Q&A chatbox and screen sharing capabilities. In the case of hybrid events, you can opt for a venue where most of your attendees, staff, and speakers reside, then ensure there is equipment available for your convenient use. 

With the perfect venue and its features, you can add production value and enhance the entertainment experience for your attendees. You can have interactive conversations, group discussions while observing social distancing, fun giveaways, and inspiring talks. In the end, whatever you offer your audience, you can engage them and even get them to want more from you! 

UMC is the Place for Hybrid Events in Utah  

Crafting entertainment for virtual and hybrid events can be challenging, especially since it may seem like everything has already been done. However, that is not the case, and there’s always room for improvement. With the previously mentioned tips in mind, brainstorm with your team and find ways to entertain your niche audience! 

Are you looking for the best place to host COVID-safe outdoor corporate events in Utah? Book yours at Utah Motorsports Campus. We can provide you with arches of open space and rooms with full audio-visual capabilities. With our help, you can easily succeed when you host your first hybrid event. Request for your proposal today to get started! 


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