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How to Go From Amateur to Professional Racing

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Thrill, adrenaline, excitement. Just these three words are enough to convince someone to get behind the wheel and participate in go-kart racing outdoors. Very few sports can provide the stimulating experience racing can bring, which is why people of any age have fun fulfilling their need for speed.

To some, motor racing is more than just a leisure activity to fulfill their need for speed. A few talented riders try their hand racing through Utah racetracks competitively, hoping to make it into the professional league. If you have dreams of becoming a pro racing driver, then you have a long way to go!

How to Enter the World of Professional Racing

With the multitude of benefits, fans, and sponsors, among other things, entering the professional world of motorsports is intriguing and enticing. However, not everyone can turn pro—only the best and most hard-working amateurs can level up and be recognized as a bona fide racecar driver.

Just like other sports, becoming a professional will take more than just drive and passion. The world of racing is competitive and fierce—if you want to become a full-fledged racer, you’ll need a whole lot of patience and steadfast commitment to work your way up the ladder of motorsport.

Follow our guide below to become a professional racecar driver:

1. Be Dedicated

Before anything else, you have to understand that the path to becoming a professional racecar driver will take a lot of time, work, and money; the road will be bumpy, which may even drive you to the verge of giving up.

Cementing your place in the motorsports industry will be challenging, but if you’ve set your sights on going pro, then you have to be dedicated to seeing things through. Every professional driver got to where they are now because they had the will to endure and work hard.

Dedication is more than just having a balanced diet or training every day—to be truly dedicated, you will have to make a lot of sacrifices and endure doubts from others and yourself.

2. Secure Funds

Although your spirit is crucial to enduring the long road to success, it’s not enough. Even if you have bundles of talent, you won’t get far without financial support. Money problems are often the leading cause of why many amateur drivers don’t get to go pro.

Let’s be realistic—skills won’t fund your career. In this dog-eat-dog world, you’ll have to pay for team owners to offer you a seat in their car.

Fortunately, the costs in entry-level racing are not as severe, so you’ll be able to fund your career. You have a long way to go before companies pay for your racing, so you may want to save up some money first or ask for financial assistance from family, friends, or partners.

3. Sharpen your Skill

Of course, your racing skill will be the major contributing factor to the success of your career. Some drivers may be naturally fast, and others are inherently slow, but every professional racecar driver has the ability behind the wheel. To become a pro, you need to prove that you can win and deserve to drive on the Utah raceway.


Starting a successful career is never easy, but it is possible. As long as you keep these tips in mind and continue to work hard, you will have a great chance of shedding your amateur title and becoming a professional racecar driver who can win races.

Are you looking to train your driving abilities to become a professional driver? Practice your skills with us at Utah Motorsports Campus! Our Amateur Track Days (ATD) program allows enthusiasts and professional racecar driver hopefuls to drive their car at speed on our world-class Utah racetrack in a non-competitive environment. Connect with us to learn more.


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