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Hybrid Events 101: How to Plan a Successful One

Many in-person events have been postponed or canceled altogether because of the global pandemic. But as the world shifts to the new normal, you may now be planning to conduct face-to-face activities for your business or organization. Fortunately, you can use COVID-19 safe event spaces to ensure your guests’ health and safety. 

Since not everyone feels comfortable going outside, you can consider having a hybrid event. To plan and host a successful one, feel free to use this article as your guide.

What Is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event combines physical and virtual event experiences as it takes place at a physical venue while being attended by a live audience through digital platforms. While it has been around for years, this concept is gaining popularity due to the global pandemic.

What Should I Prepare for a Hybrid Event?

  • Online marketing materials

To keep your remote attendees informed about your hybrid event, create your online marketing materials and post them regularly across your social media platforms. Don’t forget to prepare videos, presentations, spreadsheets, and other important files your participants need to access during the event.

You can also consider working on the event setup’s background, whether virtual or physical. Just ensure your presenters are not wearing colors that match with your backdrop. Remind them also to avoid wearing striped clothing since the camera may have trouble capturing this design.

  • Tech support and equipment

Rent a well-lit event venue, studio microphones for the audience, lapel mics for your speakers, HD cameras, and tripod. You can also use event management software integrated with a streaming platform to allow your remote attendees to interact with your presenters, especially during the Q&A portion.

  • Staff 

You can create the best possible hybrid event experience for your attendees with help from skilled staff members. Look for experienced technical staff, camera operators, a sound engineer, a host, moderators, and a social media team. 

What Should I Do to Engage My Remote Audience?

  • Make your sessions brief and entertaining

While a hybrid event makes your activity accessible, holding a successful one can be difficult because your remote attendees are just one click away from leaving your event. Therefore, you have to prioritize grabbing their attention.

For instance, you can make your group participation event more interesting by using graphic images. When giving examples, you can use book or movie references or witty anecdotes to catch your participants’ attention. You can also maximize audience engagement by conducting an online poll or asking questions from the live audience.

  • Engage more with your remote audience 

A hybrid event is so much more than just streaming a recorded session of your presentations. You should engage with your virtual attendees and encourage them to interact with you. To do this, you can have a live Q&A session or use chat features. This is especially helpful if you have international audiences.


Hybrid events are bound to shape the events industry’s future since they allow virtual audiences to attend different kinds of events in the comfort of their homes. Now that you know more about the important details and features get started in your preparation by looking for your next event’s perfect venue.

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