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Kids Go-Kart Racing – 3 Reasons It Is the Perfect School-Holiday Activity

Kids Go Kart Racing Salt Lake

As a parent, one of the challenges you face when school is closed, is what you can do to help your children have fun. You probably remember your days in school where you were bored out of your mind. Maybe you have even thought about all the fun you have had and want to share it with the kids during the holidays. If you are still looking for an exciting activity for the kids for the school holidays, consider taking them to kids go-kart racing. Here is why you should try kids go-kart racing:

1. It is safer than you realize

Watching the news about a racetrack accident can be scary. You would never want any of your family members to be in one. However, kids go-kart racing is a safe activity, and there are safety precautions in place. For example, the walls around the track are made of soft barriers. Also, drivers wear a harness and a helmet. Even the go-karts have a kill switch mechanic where the engine stops running in the case of an accident.

2. The food is covered

Tired of having to cook a meal before heading out? That’s a problem you no longer need to face. While some kids go-kart racing venues have restaurants nearby, others are ready to serve you all the food you can enjoy.

UMC’s go-kart racing track has food options and catering available if you have an event. No more having to leave the place to grab food. You can stand there, watching with the kids, and talking with other people while food is within your reach. Plus, after all that driving, the children will be extremely hungry. With food right there, you do not have to end up dealing with the kids’ complaints about their rumbling tummy while looking for a place to eat.

3. The dads can finally join in

Many of go-karting facilities are open almost every day, with extended operating hours. So, dads who are busy with their work can still spend some quality time with the kids after their work. Likewise, knowing that many dads out there are motorheads one way or another, they can get their need for speed fully satisfied. That makes kids go-kart racing the perfect school day holiday activity where dads can be with the kids while they play and even join in.


Go-karting is one of the best school holiday activities for your kids. Not only is it extremely safe, but many aspects of heading out for fun and excitement are taken care of, such as food catering. Additionally, go-karting is typically an all-day activity, so once you have arrived at the place, you do not have to worry about what to do next anymore. All you would worry about now is the kids pulling your shirt, wanting to race some more!

Looking for go-kart tracks in Utah for the kids to enjoy? We have plenty of facilities to ensure you and the kids are kept comfortable and having fun, visit us today!

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