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How to Organize An Unforgettable Corporate Event

When it comes to organizing a business event, the process may seem daunting at first glance. As much as you want to provide chances for networking and team-building, you equally want to ensure that guests are amused during their time away from the workplace. When it comes to organizing corporate events, whether you’re new to the process or simply looking for fresh inspiration, there are specific measures you can take to ensure a memorable experience and a COVID-safe corporate event space for everyone involved.

Define Your Budget

Anyone would love to book a whole theme park for the day, but the unfortunate truth is that most companies do not have the resources to do so. Knowing how much money can be spent is the first step in pulling off a successful corporate event. 

Your budget will play a major hand in the venue, activities, and refreshments. Knowing what you can afford will help you put realistic plans in place. Decide how much you want to spend early on, and then budget for at least 10% more than originally planned to account for the miscellaneous expenses that will invariably pop up. 

Find The Best Venue and Schedule

Once the budget has been set, choose a proper venue that will offer the appropriate ambiance for your corporate events while remaining within budget. It is also necessary to choose the date for the event. If possible, go during regular business hours on weekdays in the early to mid-morning hours of the day where you want to travel to reduce the likelihood of encountering schedule conflicts with other team members. 

Plan Memorable Activities

Everyone enjoys a day away from the office, but unfortunately, field trips don’t come by very often! Make sure to specify the purpose of the event early on. If it is professional development, you may need to locate a speaker who can cover a topic that benefits employees while still pleasing upper management. If the main purpose is engagement and team bonding, however, feel free to let loose and plan some activities that have absolutely nothing to do with work at all!

Ideas For Your Next Company Outing

If you are unsure about what to do for your next corporate event, you may want to explore the following fun ideas:

Rent Contract a Go-Kart Racetrack – Many individuals have an insatiable need for speed regardless of their age. While you won’t be driving Formula One racing vehicles, even youngsters and first-time drivers will be able to manage outdoor Go Karts with ease. Car racing activities are not yet widely used for corporate events, but they will provide your workers with a unique opportunity to learn something new. Furthermore, they will never forget the moment they defeated their superiors on the racing track.

Make Plans for a “Survivor” Challenge – Organize your workers into camps and challenge them to compete against one another in a series of tasks, similar to those seen on famous reality television programs. You may organize the competition in the manner of a race, in which a team must complete the tasks fast to take the lead, or you can have them earn points to promote efficiency. You may find everything from tasks demanding raw strength to those requiring higher levels of intellect in this series of video games. These kinds of activities serve to foster camaraderie and aid in the development of problem-solving abilities.

Set Up a Sporting Competition – Divide your workers into teams based on their departmental affiliations and challenge them to a series of matches to see the best. The traditional sports festival is conducted regularly because it is effective. Sports competitions appeal to people’s natural competitive instincts and their desire to be a part of a team or a group. You may even include a cheering competition in your event! Simply renting a corporate event location and purchasing sporting equipment will be sufficient to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Final Thoughts

Corporate event planning concepts that are both innovative and entertaining are constantly in high demand. Turn a dull, uninspired business event into a fantastic party where guests receive the experience you intended with a bit of imagination, hard effort, and well-organized preparation. Even a business event can be made memorable via meticulous and innovative corporate event planning, which may seem impossible to believe at first. 

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