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Outdoor Go-Kart Racing – 6 Tips and Tricks to Win Your Next Race

Outdoor Go Kart Racing Utah Motorsports Campus

Outdoor go-kart racing is a recreational sport that gives you an adrenaline rush and brings out your competitive spirit. Compared to other motorsports, it is safer than motorcycle racing, more competitive than track racing, and less expensive than car racing. It is an excellent activity ideal for aspiring drivers who want to make a name for themselves in the world of motorsports.

Standing on the top step of the podium after a fun yet intense race is fulfilling. If you want to cross the finish line ahead of your peers the next time you hit the track, here are some tips and tricks you can try:

1. Maintain even weight distribution

Leaning your body towards the apex will place more weight over your inside wheels, hindering you from unleashing your fastest speed. Therefore, it is best to keep your weight distributed evenly over the center of the kart. When sitting, adjust your seat with the lever and sit close to the pedals. Make sure that your seating position is comfortable. Since you are on our outdoor go-kart racing track there is plenty of sunlight for you to see the track.

2. Maintain your speed

The key to becoming a successful racer is to keep your driving as smooth as possible around the outdoor go-kart racing track. Also avoid speeding into every bend, and maintain a relatively consistent speed. Take advantage of understeer and oversteer and ensure to use the brake in the right place at the right time. Otherwise, you can compromise your line and speed through a corner. For best results, leave your braking to the time you speed past the finish line!

3. Use one pedal at a time

Slower lap times and spin-outs are usually caused by pressing down on the brake and accelerator pedals simultaneously. Stay safe on the outdoor go-kart racing track and maintain a competitive pace by using just one pedal at a time.

4. Wear lightweight clothing

Keeping your kart’s load light can help you speed up and achieve full throttle. Instead of wearing heavy knits and work shoes, opt for lightweight clothing, such as t-shirts and trainers. Also, you can always practice and hone your driving skills in our outdoor go-kart racing track in Utah.

5. Learn how to overtake

A slow driver blocking your path can prevent you from winning the race. Find your way to the front by learning how to overtake properly. You can also assess the strengths and weaknesses of the driver in front of you after several laps and take advantage of this knowledge to steal the lead successfully. In outdoor go-kart racing, it is fun to see all the action on the track.

6. Stay relaxed and enjoy the race

Gripping the wheel forcefully can cause your wrists to ache and might slow you down during the race. To steer around a corner successfully and ensure that your wheels always point in the right direction, stay relaxed and keep a comfortable, yet firm grip on the wheel. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself out on the outdoor go-kart racing track and keep a clear head at all times.


With our tips, you’ll be able to gain an advantage and give yourself a much better chance of winning your next long, hard-fought race. You’ll also need plenty of practice, which you can get at our safe and well-maintained racetrack. Time and effort will soon leave you beating your personal records again and again!

Improve your driving skills by outdoor go-kart racing at the Utah Motorsports Campus. We also have various facilities that can cater for any type of COVID Safe event, including concerts, corporate events, training exercises, and management retreats for our clients in Utah. Book a race today!

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