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Planning the Ultimate Race Themed Birthday Party

Are you thinking of a unique theme for an upcoming birthday party for your child? Do you want something fun for the party without the usual food and games?  Then the ultimate race-themed party is the best and exciting solution for you! 

You can buy items related to race tracks or race cars, and your child can help you choose the other things needed to complete the party.

To help you plan for your child’s race-themed birthday party, here is the list of things you should consider to make the party successful and unforgettable for everyone.

Choose a Specific Race Car Theme

The first thing you need to do is choose a specific race car theme for the party. It can be anything, from the cars involved in the Indianapolis 500 to NASCAR, Formula 1, or even go-karts.

You can also consider the age of your child if you are not sure of what theme to use. For instance, if your child is turning four, you can use “Fast and Furious Four.” Meanwhile, if your child is turning one, you can use “The First Car Race” and so forth.

Race Car Themed Decorations

Race track and race car cut-outs can serve as party centerpieces, or you can use balloons that you can tie to the bottom or on the backs of chairs.

You can also set up a race car-themed balloon arrangement.

Race track birthday cake is great, too. You can ask your baker to make a racetrack with a car on it.

Red, blue, and yellow are colors that represent racing, and you can use them for the party. Some exciting ideas include balloon bouquets, streamers, and other related decorations.

Tickets as Invitations to the Race

Invitations for your child’s race car-themed party are something guests see first, so make it exciting and fun! You can use race tickets as invitations to the race-themed party.

Place the parents’ names and addresses on the back of the tickets and ask your guests to “race to the party” by sending them to you.

Write a simple message on the back of the ticket like:

“We’re going for a ride, so come along.”

“It’s going to be a joyful time for everyone.”

“We’ll have lots of fun, so come along.”

You can add a picture of a race car on the front of the ticket and a race track on the back.

Race Car Party Activities and Games

The best idea for the activity portion of the party is a racing game. The players can be given some clues about the first and last place. After the race (the cake eating contest is the final race), the winners get some race car stickers or a small toy car.

You can also play with racing tracks and race cars. You can use tape to make a race track on the floor or draw a race track with chalk on the driveway or other flat surfaces. You can also use cones to mark the starting and the winner’s line.

You can also play a game where the guests are given cards with a question. The winner receives a small toy car or a race car sticker to take home.

The guests can also be asked to find a photo of the race car driver and get a sticker for each correct answer. 

Fuel the Party Up

Use lots of red, yellow, and blue colors to decorate the food. Ice cream cones with paper or party hats and a colorful backdrop are enough. You can use the colors of the race in making food items like rice crispies treats, marshmallows, chocolate dipped pretzels, etc.

You can also use the racing colors in food wrappings. That way, you can use red, yellow, and blue kraft paper or colored duct tape to wrap the party food.

Besides that, you can use a photograph of your child as a flag on a cupcake to make it fun and memorable for the guests.

Race Car-Inspired Party Favors

Party favors can be in the form of race car stickers or temporary tattoos. You can also give each guest race car-themed sunglasses or a toy car or use a small urn filled with candies and race car-themed confetti.


You can have a race car-themed party with a bit of imagination and creativity. And with the help of this racing party checklist, you can guarantee to plan a successful one.

Utah Motorsports Campus offers acres of open space and a variety of areas that can host race car-themed birthday parties in our go-kart tracks in Utah. Let us help you bring the race car-themed birthday party to life. Contact us today to get started! 


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