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Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Corporate Event Venue

It takes time and effort to meticulously plan a successful event. However, before thinking about anything else, the very first thing you need to decide is where you will host the event. Selecting the right venue will help set the right mood for your event. 

The appropriate venue will ensure that your attendees will be comfortable. It should have all the facilities and amenities to provide a top-notch program, serve delicious food, and let everybody have a good time. At this point, you may be asking yourself how to choose the right venue since it is such a crucial part of planning an event. If you are in this situation, this article is for you!

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Corporate Event Venue

Before you confirm your booking at a specific venue, here are some of the most pressing questions you will want to be answered. 

1 – What are their COVID-19 policies?

Although the restrictions and policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to ease up, it is still a must that you inquire about any policies and protocols the venue has. Safety protocols may include mask-wearing and social distancing policies, hand sanitizing stations, and disinfection practices. 

2 – Do they have a cancellation policy?

Will you still be able to cancel or at least make changes to your booking once it is confirmed? Asking about these policies is a must, especially if not everything about your event is set in stone yet.

3 – What amenities do they have?

Depending on the type of event you are planning to host, you will need different types of amenities and equipment to make your event a success. List down the amenities you are going to need and inquire about them. 

4 – Is catering included?

Your job will be made that much easier if you are able to find a venue that offers catering. If they do offer this service included with the event booking, ask about their menu as well.

5 – Do they offer parking for guests?

Parking is sometimes a deciding factor for attendees. Choosing a venue that offers parking already included in the rate will be a plus in comparison to a venue that does not have it included. 

6 – How early can you set up?

How many hours before the event will you be able to start setting up? If you plan to host an extensive program that needs props, you will want to start setting up a few hours before the actual event begins. 

7 – How big is the space?

How big of a space will you need to fit all your guests? Make sure that you get a viewing of the event space before you agree to book it.


While this list is not an all-inclusive list of the questions you need to answer before choosing your event venue, these are certainly some of the most important ones you may want to ask when you initially inquire. Making a list of questions before you go to the venue will help you ensure that all your queries are answered before you book. 

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