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Race Track – 5 Guidelines to Follow on Your First Day

Race Track Utah Motorsports Campus

Your first time on the race track can lead you to experience the same jitters that you might experience on the first day at school. Awkward feelings of being an amateur at the race track may overwhelm your mind, but remember that it’s not a competition on your first try.

Unfamiliarity is almost always the cause of nervousness, and it’s never an optimal way to be fidgety while behind the wheel. It’s all about being informed of the dos and don’ts of a new experience to keep the feeling of sweaty palms at bay.

Observing the ground rules

Take a moment to remember the first time you went for driving lessons to memorize the basic rules of driving on the road. Driving on the race track is not too far off from driving on the road as most of the basic principles translate perfectly to this new driving environment.

If you’re still unsure of you should do, we will share with you five critical guidelines to follow while on the race track:

1. Don’t start without first checking your car

The most crucial safety guideline to follow while driving on a race track is done before you even start your drive to the venue. Assess your tire pressures if they have enough air, your oil for any leaks, and your fuel and water gauges if they have enough for your run. It’s important to check whether or not your car is in working order before you take it out for a spin to ensure that you’ll be driving safely and effectively.

2. Don’t overtake next to tight corners

You won’t always have the freedom to have the race track entirely to yourself because you’ll most likely have to share it with others on public track days. Spatial awareness is a critical skill that drivers need to exercise both on the track and on the road.

Forcing to overtake along corners will not only be a rude gesture but could also lead to accidents. You wouldn’t want to be that person who crashes on their first day, right?

3. Don’t tailgate other cars

Depending on your car’s build, you might have a slower mileage when it comes to cutting through corners. It could be inevitable that you will be right behind someone’s bumper. However, you wouldn’t want to be inches away from another person’s breaking area, especially when there’s a danger of causing a dogpile.

For your first time around the race track, it’s essential to keep a distance from other drivers while you’re still getting used to your car’s speed in handling the new terrain.

4. Don’t go for a marathon

You mustn’t stay on the race track for too long, especially if it’s your first time. Though familiarizing yourself with the track is an effective way to be comfortable for your next lap, you could be having problems with your car from the stress of constantly running around a lap. Learn to take small breaks in between even if you’ve got some driving left in you.

5. Don’t go ahead of your limits

Most people who go off-track are those who want to test your limits. Keep in mind that you’re not a stunt person who is off to break a world record; lives are at risk if you go off to catch that extra edge of adrenaline. Chances are that if you go beyond your limits without the proper modulation and experience, you’ll end up hurting yourself and others on the race track.


Being a participant of a race track day can be a pleasant experience for first-timers. Making it an enjoyable experience for yourself and everyone else, on the other hand, is a matter of observing the rules and respecting everyone who’s a part of it.

Looking to go car racing this weekend? If you want to book a ticket to an open track day, check in with our schedule to see if you can bring along your car for a spin around our race track in Utah!

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