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6 Things To Check Off Before Your Next Corporate Outing

A well-organized corporate outing can be one of the best tools to increase productivity and forge stronger bonds between employees. Regardless of what type of business you are in, corporate outings provide an excellent opportunity to improve morale and boost employee engagement among your workforce. 

When it comes to planning for your next corporate outing, there are several things that you have to take into account -from the venue to scheduling activities and even down to the menu! This article will walk you through these important considerations.

1. Determine Your Timeline

It is important to look at your event calendar and assess what dates are available to you. If you plan a corporate outing, you will want to reserve a date at least 2-3 months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to coordinate with your employees to reserve a date and make other necessary arrangements. Be sure to contact the venue that you would like to hold the event at least a few weeks in advance.

2. Have a Planning Team

It is best to have a group of people plan the corporate outing. This team should consist of the event coordinator, an HR representative, and the manager or director of the department that is being recognized. This will ensure that all party members are being taken care of and that there are no conflicts.

3. Put Together a Guest List

Once you have decided on a date, you will want to select a guest list. This is where your HR representative and the event coordinator can be very helpful. They will help you keep track of the guest list and ensure that you are keeping track of who is attending or not.

4. Consider the Cost

Corporate outings are a great way to reward your employees for their hard work and provide a healthy team-building opportunity that can help you create a more cohesive, productive team. However, when planning a corporate outing, it is important to consider the cost of the entire event. Make sure that the event’s cost is reasonable and affordable to all employees involved.

5. Determine Activities

When it comes to corporate outings, it is important to keep the activity portion of the event fun, engaging, and interactive. This will ensure that your employees have fun and that everyone is on the same page. 

The activities that are chosen should be relevant to the corporate culture and should be thought-provoking. Team building is the most common activity for corporate outings. However, it is a great idea to incorporate activities that are more personalized to the business.

6. Consider the Menu

Your event coordinator can help you with planning the menu for the event. In most cases, the coordinator will help you select a caterer or will help you decide on a menu. Depending on the type of corporate outing that you are holding, there are several different types of meals that you will want to consider.

A Successful Corporate Outing

So no matter if you’re planning a team-building trip, a reward celebration, or even just a company day out, be sure to read through our list to make sure your outing is running as smoothly as possible.

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