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Turning Corners Faster in Go Kart

For first-time track drivers, turning corners while riding a go-kart can become overwhelming. However, like most sports, it only takes a few adjustments to become used to approaching crossroads without worrying about if you’re doing it correctly or not.

Treat go-kart racing as to how you would drive standard vehicles on the road. Although a kart track may have exaggerated turns, unlike the ones on public roads, turning them in is only the same. 

But how do you turn faster in a go-kart? Here are some tricks you can do to conquer the curve quicker, easier, and safer for a more fulfilling and enjoyable ride.

1. Familiarize the Map

As the map plays a considerable role in your body’s quick response to turns, going to a go-kart track where it’s easy to be familiar with their map may be the course choice for beginners. Drivers who have memorized the path know when to expect a curve or a turn while steering their vehicles.

Each racing track has its distinct set of turns, barriers, and signs. As a driver, it is your goal to memorize each stop before jumping on a vehicle. By the time you’re on the ride, do not think how much your view has changed. Instead, try to focus on the road and remember the cues you memorized earlier. By learning the track, or at least familiarizing yourself with it, you’ve got a better chance at making split-second decisions on how to approach a turn and quickly go around it.

2. Traverse the Turns

As a race car driver, exploring the turns requires you to place great focus on your environment and your driving skills. However, minute adjustments can make huge improvements to your timing. After getting used to every turn possible in the track, it would be easier to approach them later on with ease. Coming to the racing line may be the fastest possible path around the corner, making it the best route to take for turns.

3. Approach the Curves

For a safer turn, it’s best to approach the curves from the outside of the track. By providing enough space to turn even with a fast speed, drivers can accomplish the turn quicker and more flawlessly. It’s also possible to speed up faster before taking the turn to prepare you for approaching the corner.

4. Ease the Brakes

As the driver comes into the corner, strive to approach it in a straight line. It’s best to arrive at the apex slowly, applying the brakes to start turning quickly and effectively. However, right after passing the peak of the turn’s steepest curve, remove your foot off the brakes and step on the accelerator to speed up again.

5. Accelerate in a Straight Line

Coming out of the turn requires drivers to continue accelerating in a straight line. By consistently accelerating, the back wheels will not kick out or pop out. Try to aim for the inner track while accelerating, as the lane will give you more distance for speeding up without losing momentum from the turn.


Learning how to turn quicker in a go-kart map takes a lot of practice. For first-time track drivers, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the racecourses since it helps prepare your body for last-minute decisions in turns. It’s also important not to lean towards the apex while turning. Putting more weight on the inside wheels will make it harder to straighten up after a turn. Always look ahead and focus on the road while you drive. Over time, turning in curves should be easy and quick for you.

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