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What to Do if Someone Gets Sick in Your Event

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Many companies postponed or canceled in-person events due to the global pandemic. Others maximize the use of digital platforms to stay connected with their target audience. As the world continues to adapt to the new normal, you may now start planning to hold in-person events again.

Conducting in-person events allows you to give your attendees a one-of-a-kind experience and establish strong connections. However, in the post-COVID-19 world, the last thing you want is for your participants to become infected with the virus and blame you for it. To prevent this from happening, you must be prepared to handle it properly. Use this article as your guide to learn more about how to do this. 

How Can I Ensure a Virus-Free Environment in My Event?

If you are planning to conduct group participation events, you have to look for a COVID-19-safe event space to ensure a virus-free environment. You should also comply with strict safety procedures. 

For instance, you have to require your staff to wear protective equipment, place temperature check stations in strategically located places on the premises, and ensure every participant wears a face mask and abides social distancing measures. You can also require medical verification from all participants to be safe. However, take note that there will likely be attendees who are not willing to obey all the new rules, so be prepared to keep them from going inside the venue. 

You can also refer to the World Health Organization’s planning guide for mass gatherings. This way, you can better understand what to do before, during, and after your in-person event occurs. It significantly reduces the risk of your staff and attendees getting sick.

What Should I Do If an Attendee Gets Sick at My Event?

As an event organizer, you should find the balance between your participants’ privacy concerns and adherence to safety regulations. For example, you can require participants to sign a form acknowledging the risks involved in attending public gatherings. This form waives their rights to hold anyone liable should they get infected. If they refuse to sign the waiver, they should be barred from participating. Refer to your attorney for more information on legal repercussions and preventive measures. 

Am I Required to Have a Force Majeure Clause?

Force majeure has become a popular legal topic due to the pandemic. If you are holding an in-person event, you must know how to write this clause to protect your activity from the pandemic or other disruptions. This common law principle can render a contract null and void when something happens outside of either party’s control, like getting infected by the virus. You can also coordinate with the venue provider for further details. 


Conducting in-person events in the middle of a pandemic is risky. If you want to push through with your plan, you should be aware of the consequences you have to take in case a participant gets sick in your event. Keep the information above in mind and make sure to use a COVID-19-safe private event venue.

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