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What to Expect at the Nitro Rallycross

We’re finally zooming into the 2021 debut of Nitro Rallycross, and of course, the first of the five-race series will begin at the Utah Motorsports Campus, which is a COVID-safe event space. 

Since people have waited for this event, you’d be even thrilled to know that one of the most renowned motorsports icons, Ken Block, has expressed his excitement, saying this would be the best and wildest rallycross track to date. 

Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus first birthed this idea to provide fans and the curious to watch cars fly through and over the rally course, making this an event that would put you on the edge of your seat. 

Last year, Kevin Hansen won the event with Patrick Sandell and Timmy Hansen not falling far behind. But this year, will Kevin get to defend his title? That’s what you’ll find out on the 24th and 25th of this month. 

Gearing Up for the Nitro Rallycross

Seeing as the Nitro Rallycross is a powerhouse of an event with a combination of electric-powered racing, digital coverage is critical to tap into a younger audience and to accommodate the sponsors. And with this in mind, the event demands unique selling points to help reach real cut-through. 

This year, the organizers believe that this high-octane offering will appeal to a much younger fanbase, giving them the opportunity to go international in 2022 when they get to present an all-electric supercar class.

This may be a thrilling experience for a younger market because NRX will feature races on mixed surfaces, such as high jumps that go up to 30 meters and even high-banked corners. 

Unfortunately, different series have not garnered the same success as Nitro Rallycross, but the chief marketing officer of Thrill One, Steve Ziff, promises that NRX can co-exist with top stateside series like IndyCar and Nascar, both of which are also electric-powered racing events. 

COVID and the Nitro Rallycross

Seeing as the COVID pandemic is still a huge threat in the country. The NRX events will be restricted this year; however, they have lined up a broadcast coverage in 150 countries, including a deal with NBCUniversal for their new streaming platform, Peacock. 

Thankfully, the first event of the series will be in Utah Motorsports Campus, a COVID-safe event space that follows standard COVID protocols to ensure that everyone in the venue, including the racers and staff, is protected against the virus. 

The Bottom Line: The Nitro Rallycross This Year Will Be Through a Digital Lens

The excitement won’t stop racers, organizers, and the fan base from enjoying the thrill of the Nitro Rallycross. And even when there are restrictions this year regarding events, the NRX organizers have promised fans to ensure that the event can be watched worldwide, upping their fanbase and pushing them to go global next year. 

Again, the safety and protection of the organizers and racers are the topmost priority. With that, the series will kick off in Utah Motorsports Campus, a COVID-safe event space, where racers have enough space to zoom in through the track while following COVID protocols off-track. 

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