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Why Go Kart Racing Is a Fun Holiday Bonding Activity

The festive season is just around the corner, and it’s about time that you get started on your family’s bonding schedule! Unfortunately, some family members may not be as excited as you because they often dread holidays with families. Most people would say some of the most common things are: boring, a waste of time, and not as fun as being with friends. But don’t worry, you have the opportunity to prove these naysayers wrong when you and your family try go-karting! 

This article will discuss the four things to look forward to when go-karting with the family during the festive season. Take this as an opportunity to try something new and re-discover that familial bond you and your loved ones had once you get competitive on the tracks! 

  1. It is something extraordinary to do during the holidays

When you think about Christmas, Hanukkah, and other family-oriented festivities, probably not many households would consider go-karting as their go-to bonding activity. It’s because go-karting is so extraordinary—a welcome activity to consider––especially when you want to re-invent holiday traditions. 

Go-karting may also be a unique gift experience for someone you cherish, like your significant other or only child. They may often not have enough enjoyable moments in their work or school. So, just think about how happy you can make your family during the holidays when you take them to a fun day or two around the tracks!  

  1. It is a safe space for families to bond

One of the more recent concerns that most families have for the holidays is safety, primarily since the COVID-19 situation has affected many communities. You and your family may also be anxious to have fun as you usually would because of all the guidelines. Fortunately for you, go-karting is one of the safest activities to enjoy! 

Our go-karting track at the Utah Motorsports Campus is a COVID-safe group event venue. You and your family can still practice social distancing and prevent being confined in enclosed spaces where COVID-19 is more likely to spread. You can also consider other outdoor activities at our venue to round up your perfect day! 

  1. It can teach you and your family to be each other’s cheerleaders

One of the reasons most people value their families is because they are a foundational support system. It’s almost like having your own cheerleading squad that will be there for you no matter what! And there are plenty of opportunities to cheer out your family members when you are go-karting. Just don’t forget to keep the competition friendly, exciting, and uplifting for one another! 

  1. It is a great way to get that “holiday adrenaline rush”

Your loved ones may not think fondly of your yearly festive activities because they’re just festive traditions that have lost their excitement or spark. For instance, your family may have loved to bake Christmas cookies together. However, it may not be fun anymore since you may have children who are religiously watching their weight and diet. 

That’s why you need to find unconventional, exciting activities, like go-karting, to bring back that festive joy in family trips! You can also take this as an opportunity to look for other exciting family-friendly activities for the following year! 


The holidays are you and your family’s solid chances to make active efforts for bonding. Now, you have the opportunity to do so through go-kart racing. Plan your festive family getaway today with our go-karting staff at Utah Motorsports Campus and end the year with a bang! 

Utah Motorsports Campus in Salt Lake City, UT, provides the best COVID-safe outdoor venue for you and your family’s holiday bonding activities! We can offer you go-karting, dodgeball, and a full range of exciting activities to make any festive season extra-special! Plan your festivities with us and come home feeling refreshed and united as a family!


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