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Utah Motorsports Campus has returning events and new family activities set for 2020 season 


After its first full year of ownership, Utah Motorsports Campus is coming out of its corner swinging with returning events and new activities.

UMC released its 2020 schedule in a press release Monday.

Management officials of the track also discussed what they have learned in their first year of ownership and how that knowledge will affect the world-class facility as it moves forward.

“First, there has been a lot of discussion about the financial history of this facility,” said Dixon Hunt, UMC senior vice president and general manager. “2019 was our most profitable year ever.”

Hunt clarified that the facility did not actually turn a profit in 2019, but it came closer than it ever has and is poised to make a profit for the first time in the facility’s history in 2020.

That plausible profit is made possible by several things, but the most significant change has been a “flipping” in the way UMC negotiates for events, Hunt said.

“Before we paid a sanction fee to the organization to bring their event to our facility,” Hunt said. “Now we approach the organization and say ‘Hey, we have to have an agreement that makes this event profitable for both of our organizations.’”

The result is UMC becomes a facility that organizations use for their events, rather than the other way around, according to Hunt.

And organizations are buying in, partly because due to Larry Miller, UMC was built as a first-class facility with all the amenities racers need.

“We have garages, a clubhouse, bathrooms, showers and other facilities that other places don’t have,” said John Gardner, UMC public relations manager.

The other thing that has helped UMC as it negotiated for 2020 is the power of ownership, according to Hunt.

“For three years we managed the facility for the county,” Hunt said. “We couldn’t enter into any long-term agreements, which many organizations want, because we didn’t know if we were going to be here or if the facility was going to stay open. Now that we own the facility, we can enter into those kind of agreements.”

As a result, in 2020 the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is returning and the National Auto Sport Association Nationals will return.

“Look for other announcements of returning events in the future,” Hunt said.

In addition to negotiating for the return of major racing events, UMC is opening new non-racing facilities and activities geared toward Tooele County families, according to Jody Niemann, UMC vice president of customer experience.

The former Ford Performance school building is being repurposed into a family fun center, she said.

Expected to open in the spring, the family fun center will feature Nerf gun wars, archery tag, dodgeball and other family-friendly games.

Participatory activities are also expanding. Wide Open Wednesdays — the opportunity for a driver to take their street car on UMC’s track in a non-competitive environment — will be expanded to Saturdays.

UMC has invested in a small fleet of Pitsters — small motorcycles — and Tuesdays will become “Two Wheel Tuesday” at the Kart Center.

One of the most frequently asked questions UMC gets is about a future oval race track and a drag strip.

“We need to first show our owners that we can turn a profit with what we have, before we can talk about investing in new facilities,” Gardner said.

A partner might help move up the timeline for new facilities, according to Hunt.

“If we had the right partner, we might be able to look at that kind of expansion earlier,” he said.

When Rodizio Grill departed from UMC last year, UMC officials announced they were going a different direction with food services.

UMC is now announcing that new direction, with the help of a partner.

“We are joining forces with Spiros Makris, owner of Jim’s Diner in Tooele, to create our own catering company,” Hunt said. “We will cater our own events and offer catering services to the community off-site too.”

Hunt bills UMC as the largest outdoor venue in the state, and it’s not just motorized events, he said.

Non-motorized events for 2020 include an Easter Egg Hunt on April 4, two visits from Night Lights on May 16 and Aug. 22, and the second annual Twinkle Drive holiday festival in December.  

In addition, UMC’s two popular car shows will return, the Fourth Annual Cruzer Palooza on May 23 and the Import Spring Showoff on June 13.

Gardner pointed out that all amateur racing events are open to the public free of admission, including no parking fee. 

UMC is also becoming a center for corporate and family events, according to Hunt.

“Whether it’s a corporate party or training, or a family reunion, wedding, or reception, we have a place and activities for you,” he said.


Originally published in the Tooele Transcript Bulletin by Tim Gillie 


Are you planning to hold an outdoor go-kart racing event? Does it require you to cater to hundreds of people? Well, whatever it is that you need, you are required to put plenty of time and patience in figuring out which venue is best to carry out your plans. 

If there is one thing you must get right in the planning process, it is the venue you choose. After all, it is the first thing that people will see, and most stay for the duration of the occasion. For that reason, the venue should be well-thought-of to set the right tone for everyone to enjoy your event. 

Here are five factors you need to keep in mind to help you select the right venue:


  1. Location

When you start looking for a site, don't look for one buried deep in the mountains, nor one that's hidden away in the city. 

What we're trying to say is that you should choose a place that's easy to reach. It also helps if the place is available for the entire duration of the event. With that, check if public transportation can bring guests to the venue quickly, whether that is a taxi from the airport, and so on. Check if there is on-site parking as well for those coming with their own vehicles.


  1. Date

While most might disregard this as an essential factor other than setting a day to arrive, the date of choice can affect the overall event experience.

For example, some months are more prone to rain than others. If your venue is outdoors, like go-karting, you must opt for a day during the dry season. Another thing you'll have to take into consideration is the demand for the said venue during certain seasons. If you're planning to book during a festive month, such as December, you might need to book much in advance.

In other words, choose your date carefully and book as soon as possible.


  1. Cost

One of the factors that will affect your choice of the venue the most will be the budget you set for it. If you've found the perfect place in the ideal location, but the price is double that of your budget, ignore it.

There are different costs to be considered. Costs can include rentals, room prices, minimum spend, cost per head, and so on. Know what fees you're going to pay for and how much that cost is before you agree to rent the venue.


  1. Capacity

The number of guests will also help you determine your choice of venue. This is also great to decide early on, as it will help you eliminate some venues that are either way too big or too small. 

Choose a venue that's perfectly suited to cater to the number of people you have in mind. This will not only help you save money but will also contribute to creating the ideal experience that everyone can enjoy.

One thing to note, though, is that more guests might arrive than expected, some might be even uninvited. With that said, it helps to book a slightly oversized venue rather than one that can only accommodate the exact number of guests you are expecting.


  1. Facilities and Services

Each venue comes with its own services and facilities, and the ones you need will depend on your event. Services like catering, AV services, and so on, along with facilities, such as kitchen and parking, are just examples of what these venues offer. 

Write down what you'll need exactly from the venue and note down the cost for each aspect. By doing that, not only will you be able to make sure you get what you need, but that you won't go over budget.

In conclusion, don't end up paying extra for things you don't need, and do not end up in a venue that cannot adequately cater to the guests, as well as carry out your event. Pay attention to the factors we've shared with you to help you select the right venue.

With that said, if you’re looking for a go-kart outdoor racing track in Salt Lake City, Utah, get in touch with UMC today! We’re happy to help and look forward to seeing you burn rubber on the track!

Racing requires more than natural talent to become a successful racer. It entails hours and hours of practice before you can speed around the track with utmost confidence. You will also need various levels of experience before you can call yourself an expert who can race at the top speeds.

If you want to hone your skills in racing, keep on reading to find out the four practices for driving fast on a racetrack.


  •  Drive smoothly for increased speed

When manipulating your steering wheel, keep in mind that the smoother you drive, the faster you can go. Driving smoothly requires that you stay away from jerky movements on the wheels to avoid sudden on and offs of the brakes and accelerator. Also, don’t be tempted to make sudden irregular movements. It will help if you practice proper discipline to drive smoothly instead of pushing your car beyond its limit.


  • Find the best position on the steering wheel

To make the most out of your performance when driving, position yourself at the left and right sides of the steering wheel. This position will offer better control and flexibility when turning at speed. It is also a safer position since if the airbag goes off, your hands will receive the impact, not your face. Also, avoid holding the steering wheel at the usual upper corners of the wheel. Take note that the key is to have balance and control to achieve a fast and steady pace, instead of a temporary increase in speed.


  •  Practice proper braking

Unlike driving on a regular car, you don’t have to worry about coasting when you’re driving a racecar. If your aim is to drive fast, you only need a second or two before stepping on the brakes. This is a challenging feat because you run the risk of losing control of the wheels. To make sure you can manage the faster brakes, practice proper braking by making use of markers, as they should indicate where to start braking. Keep in mind that you can earn faster track times if you master holding the speed longer while managing short brakes.


  •  Master the track

Whether you have an actual race soon or even if you’re merely practicing, you need to familiarize and master your racetrack. The more you study the track you’re driving on, the more you can imagine the speed required for every turn and foresee the moments when you need to brake. If you can navigate your track masterfully, you can gauge the distances and elevation changes. Practice by doing simulations while walking the track on foot to help you feel the terrain of the track.

You can also practice the track by driving without speeding up and take the time to feel how your vehicle is reacting to every turn. Keep in mind that many factors can affect your vehicle’s condition, such as temperature and humidity. The more you can master the track and how your vehicle reacts to it, the more you can speed up without going beyond your car’s limit.



To become a true racecar driver, you need discipline and determination to practice your racetrack, and in the Salt Lake City metro area there is no better place than Utah Motorsports Campus. Follow these four practices mentioned above to achieve the speed that you desire. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more work you put in, the faster you’ll become in due time.

Looking to go car racing in Utah? Get in touch with us today to book your session.

When the holidays roll around, one of the biggest dilemmas facing corporate or group party/event planners is where to hold your company’s or group’s Christmas party.

It’s not a simple decision-making process. You have to have a venue that is nicely appointed, large enough to accommodate the number of people involved, an accessible location and – most importantly – appropriate high-quality food and beverages.

For many of these decision-makers, a racetrack might not be top of mind. But perhaps it should be.

Although it enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the finest racing facilities in North America, Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) is increasing in popularity as one of Utah’s premier event venues for group and corporate gatherings, conventions, meetings and parties – even Christmas parties!

UMC’s tagline is “More Than a Racetrack,” and we take it seriously.

Our state-of-the-art, 511-acre facility is conveniently located just 30 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, nestled in the picturesque Tooele Valley and framed by the Oquirrh and Stansbury mountain ranges. If you are hosting a Christmas event or party, our team of expert event planners can put together a package that will send your guests home with smiles on their face and experiences to cherish.

UMC has a variety of meeting spaces to accommodate groups of all sizes. From classrooms and hospitality suites to our Legends Hall banquet facility, we can provide the perfect Christmas event venue to meet your requirements and help accomplish your goals. Full audio-visual support is available, as are WiFi and catering. No matter the size of your group or any special requests or themes, we’ve been there and done that. Let us combine our remarkable facility with our event-planning expertise to create the perfect Christmas event for your group.

We can tailor a holiday event for groups ranging in size from 10 to 10,000, with exciting interactive experiences, catering to meet any price point, a variety of meeting or hospitality spaces and unique custom touches that are only limited by your imagination.

No matter where you go, a successful Christmas event or party can succeed or fail based on the quality of the food service. Our professional food service team offers a menu to fit any budget, ranging from casual hot dogs and hamburgers to elegant pre-plated dinners with china and linens. We also offer beer and full alcohol services, as well as audio-visual support and WiFi.

At UMC, we’re experts at hosting Christmas parties and gatherings. We’ve been doing it for years, and we can help you create an event that will create happy memories for your guests. We offer a menu of fun events, a variety of meeting rooms, lots of open space, generous parking and a friendly and helpful staff with tons of experience. No matter how many people you want to invite, we can make it happen, limited only by your budget and imagination.

Drive your Christmas gathering into victory lane with Utah Motorsports Campus!

For more information, visit our website or submit a Request for Proposal.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Viki Lyngle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..