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Similar to teaching math or instilling manners, teaching your kids how to drive a go-kart can easily prove to be a fairly complex process because of all the learning involved. Regardless of whether you want to help bring another Michael Schumacher into the world or want to let your kids get a head-start on road safety, it’s important to teach them how to drive a go-kart properly.


Fortunately, setting their foundation doesn’t have to be long-winded, risk-packed, and full of hurdles. In this article, we will share with you three essential tips that you can use to get your children started on the right foot when learning how to go-kart:


  1. Get them familiar with the controls before all else


Before you even buckle them right into the seat of the go-kart, it’s important to first teach them about the various parts of the vehicle so that they can get a hang of the essential controls right from the beginning. Here’s what you’ll need to get them familiarized with when you introduce the parts:


  • The steering wheel
  • The brake pedal
  • The gas pedal


As opposed to full-grown adult karts, however, kid karts don’t come with gear pedals or shifters, reducing the amount of pre-karting lessons you’ll need to hand out. If you want to start off with a more convenient experience and gradually work your way up, then it’s best to ask Utah Motorsports Campus for a kid kart to work with.


  1. Explain the concept of throttle control

    Now, while Collin McRae may have popularized the saying of “when in doubt, flat out,” that doesn’t mean that you should teach the same mindset to your child on their first ride.

    There’s no doubt that they’ll love the rush of the wind when they first hit the gas pedal, but it is much more important to teach them the essential aspect of throttle control before they enter the seat. Throttle control is absolutely essential to learn because it applies to a number of aspects in karting and is a vital component of safety on the track.

    When you take the time to explain when to let off the gas (in corners, for example) and floor it, you can protect them from many dangers on the track and build good habits in the future!

    3. Remember the importance of safety

    In the world of motorsports, the only thing more important than winning is finishing the race or practice lap safe and sound – a key saying that shows how important it is to think about safety!

    As your kid continues to hold a certain mix of recklessness and curiosity that may take time to die down, it is important to ensure that you watch out for them in the meantime by taking the initiative to teach them safety.

    Throughout the course of teaching your kid how to kart, you’ll need to insert a few lessons on why they should wear full safety gear and how it can work to their advantage. For instance, discussing how a full race suit will “protect them from danger and how a full-face helmet “will protect their head while making them race faster” will definitely foster a sense of importance – don’t forget to make your explanations kid-friendly!


    Bringing your little one to the track for the first time and introducing them to the world of go-kart racing can easily make for a meaningful experience that they’ll never forget. At the same time, it is also important to make sure that you’re teaching them properly. By following the three tips mentioned above, you can go above and beyond to keep them out of harm’s way while building their love for the adrenaline rush of go-kart racing!

    Looking to introduce your kids to the world of go-karting on an international-standard racetrack? Specifically go-kart tracks in Utah? Check out our schedule today to see when you can pay us a visit!