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Build Driving and Racing Skill on Utah's Favorite Racetrack 

Open Track Day is a unique program presented by Utah Motorsports Campus that allows enthusiasts to drive their street or race-prepared car at speed on our world-class racetrack in a non-competitive environment. Previous on-track experience required.


  • Staffed with expert corner workers, medical and safety teams.
  • Almost any modern streetcar and fully-prepared competition race cars are also welcome.
  • Minimum requirements: a safe car in excellent mechanical condition and a SNELL approved helmet.
  • ALL cars must have numbers on both sides of the vehicle.
  • Mandatory drivers meeting to review the safety rules of the track and expectations.



  • Intermediate: 15+ days track experience. Drivers that have substantial experience on track.  Drivers at this level have received numerous days of in-car coaching/on-track instruction. The driver has been signed off by instructor to run as Intermediate. Passing requires a point-by signal, and passing zones are unrestricted.
  • Advanced: 50+ days track experience. Our top classification includes drivers with years of experience and thousands of laps at numerous different tracks. The driver's road course skills and traffic management are instinctive. The driver has superior situational awareness and is capable of multi-tasking at a very high level. Heel/Toe downshift technique is second nature. Drivers at this level are comfortable with side-by-side conditions, safely passing through corners, driving off-line, and promptly yielding to faster traffic. No Point by Necessary and passing zones are unrestricted.


Groups for Intermediate, and Advanced Drivers - $300

Seats for these classes are unlimited.