The most fun you'll have on no wheels!

Whether your interested in preparing for an upcoming race or just want to have some fun, the SimXperience at UMC will exceed your expectations!

Incredible Feedback Excellent road surface perception

The SimXperience system and iRacing software combo provides 250 motion updates per second to ensure that you feel every detail of the vehicle suspension and track.

Multi-Dimensional Simulates Rear Traction Loss

SimVibe is a true physics based tactile feedback software capable of enhancing your immersion with accurate road surface detail, bumps, rubs, engine vibrations, missed shifts, gear shifts and more!

BRING YOUR TRIBE: Corporate, Family, Friends

Bring a group of friends for a short visit or schedule an event. Our staff of event specialists at Utah Motorsports Campus can help design the perfect custom event.


 UMC has the Most-Advanced Simulators in North America

UMC is proud to announce we have installed four state-of-the-art racing simulators at the UMC Kart Track. These are SimXperience machines running full-motion iRacing software, with three 50-inch screens per unit, and they are amazing! We are assured that these are the most advanced public-access racing simulators in North America. Come see how you stack up!


Simulator Pricing

  1 seat, 15 min 1 seat, 1 hour 4 seats, 10 min 4 seats, 1 hour 4 seats, 2 hours
Cost $10 ** $50 $40 $200 $375

** $5 with any purchase of Karting and/or ATV

UMC Utah Racing Simulators