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Racing Partners

Couldn’t Do It Without Them!

UMC Racing Partners

We work with a number of organizations to put on the wide variety of local racing events that take place at UMC every year. We refer to them here as our “Racing Partners,” but they are more accurately referred to as family. We work hand-in-racing-glove with these groups, many since the track opened as Miller Motorsports Park in 2006. They do a great job, and we are honored to be able to work with them.



NASA Utah is the Utah Region of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). NASA is one of two organizations that sanction amateur sports car races in North America (the other is the Sports Car Club of America). NASA Utah sanctions and operates all our amateur sports car races, and manages championships in a variety of classes. They also have an outstanding High Performance Driver Education Program, and they assist UMC with our WOW Plus driver-education program during our Wide Open Wednesday programs. If you want to race cars, NASA Utah is the group for you.

Website: http://www.nasautah.com/



The Utah Sport Bike Association (USBA) is another group that we have worked with since 2006, and they sanction and operate all our amateur motorcycle road racing and Supermoto events. We feel pretty confident in saying that the USBA is one of the best-run amateur motorcycle racing organizations in the country. Unlike NASA Utah, they are not part of a national group, but a Utah-based organization. Like NASA Utah, they also offer a variety of training programs for motorcycle racers ranging from novice to expert. The folks at USBA are passionate, knowledgeable and sharp. If you love motorcycles and want to go racing, you need to check out the USBA.

Website: https://www.utahsba.com/


SCCA Utah Region

As mentioned above, the Sports Car Club of America is one of two national organizations that sanction and operate sports car races. The Utah Region of the SCCA holds a number of Autocross and Rallycross events here each year, and also assists UMC in staging Autocross events during our Wide Open Wednesday and Wide Open Weekend events. They also stage Autocross and Rallycross events elsewhere throughout the Salt Lake City metro. Another longtime partner, they are great people who do an outstanding job. If you’re into Autocross or Rallycross, get in touch!

Website: https://www.utahscca.com/


Apex Track Days

Apex Track Days is another longtime partner. Founded in 2004, Apex Track Days rents our track (usually on the Friday before a USBA race weekend) to help riders gain knowledge and experience. They cater to novice riders, but also are great for experts who want to sharpen their skills. If you want to get the most bang for your motorcycle-racing buck, you can’t do better than a combo of Apex Track Days and USBA.

Website: https://www.apextrackdays.com/


Salt City Drift

Salt City Drift is one of our newest partners, but they are a lot of fun and a welcome addition to the family! We just started doing organized drifting in the last year or so, and we wanted someone to partner with who really knows the drift scene, how to organize and run events safely and successfully. This has been a home run from the first pitch! Salt City Drift runs their own drift events at UMC, and also assists in our own UMC Drift Nights during the summer. If you like your motorsports sideways with lots of tire smoke, you need to talk to the folks at Salt City Drift!

Website: https://www.saltcitydrift.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/driftsaltcity/


UMC Karting Championship

This is actually an in-house group, but needs to be listed here. Go-Kart racing is the beginning step for those who want to race cars. Most of the famous racing drivers you may have heard of, in all probability, started out their careers in karts. The first go-kart was constructed in 1956, and these small racers have grown in popularity ever since. Karting is crucially important here at UMC; not only for youngsters who want to grow up to be auto racers, but there are thousands of older enthusiasts who continue to compete in the most cost-effective form of four-wheeled competition there is. The UMC Karting Championship caters to both ends of the spectrum, in conjunction with the World Karting Association, utilizing their class structure and rules package. The series runs Test and Tune Days and races throughout the summer. Wanna race? This is the place!

Website: https://utahmotorsportscampus.com/karts/utah-karting-championship-series.html


Salt Lake Valley Quarter Midget Association

While karts serve as the starting point for road racers, for oval-track racers the starting point is Quarter Midgets. These little racers were developed in New York in the mid-1950s and, like go-karts, have flourished ever since. These vehicles resemble miniature versions of the Sprint and Champ cars of the 1940s-50s, and have launched the careers of thousands of racers over the years. The Salt Lake Valley Quarter Midget Association will run five events at UMC in 2020, using a temporary oval track set up in the West Paddock. Come check them out!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/323560868209308


Porsche Club of America, Intermountain Region

Many manufacturers of high-performance cars have club racing organizations. Porsche is probably the best-known of these, and the Porsche Club of America holds track days and racing events for Porsche enthusiasts around the country. The Intermountain Region of the PCA is based in Colorado, and has been racing here for many years. Customarily they’ll make two visits per year, one for a Driver Education Program and the other for a race weekend. If you own or Porsche, or just like them, check out the IRPCA.

Website: http://irpca.org/


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